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How To Quit School And Start Your Own Business

Aug 12, 2008
One of the biggest risks you may ever take in your life, especially if you are only a teenager, will be leaving school and diving head-first into becoming a self-made entrepreneur. Many books about internet marketing it always start off with a quote that says something like "98% of people will fail to make a full-time living with this," and I can only assume that the casualty rate is higher when you consider that you must completely abandon all mainstream wealth creation methods when you leave college or high school to start your own business.

Who Should Read This Article

This article is mainly directed at teenagers who may be in their final year of high school or first year of college. You may be older and that is fine, the only requisite is that you feel excited by the notion of being able to create your own life to the fullest extent. You may be younger as well, if so you are in a special scenario which will be addressed a little later on.

Leaving school in order to be completely self-sufficient is not something that everyone can handle, and it is certainly not something that everyone can succeed at. You need to have a certain type of personality, you need to be driven and disciplined (these are both learned skills which you can start today), you need to have a concrete idea of how you will make money, and you need to have the support of at least one close family member or friend.

The Personal Requirements For Success After Leaving School

As a first step, start by recognizing exactly why it is that you want to quit school. You may not precisely *want* to start your own business (i.e. you might just want to let your musical creativity flourish and begin learning different instruments), but you realize that money in today's world is a necessary part of living a comfortable and stress-free life.

Take a few moments one day to really examine yourself and your own personality, because your personality type can play a large part in your success rate. It is important to feel adventurous, and I can tell you right now that if you are the type of person who is bouncing up and down in their chair at the thought of abandoning their old life and starting a new one where the only rules are the ones that you set for yourself, and where you can enjoy the freedom to be completely creative in your own way and to enjoy the full benefits (monetary and otherwise) of your own creative expression, this is probably the best path for you. Passion and excitement are just so incredibly important, because when you are working all alone for yourself and you hit a roadblock, you need to be able to reach within yourself into your own personal untapped reserves and surmount any obstacle you are presented with.

It is important to be driven and disciplined, but this is meant in a way that you may not be entirely familiar with yet. I bet even when you just hear the word 'disciplined,' you might understand that to mean 'you need to work hard and turn in your homework on time' because that is the only understanding of this concept that you have been taught. You need to be disciplined in a more laid back and less structured kind of way, which equates to having a desire to be free and independent and translating that desire into a consistent schedule where you can devote a certain (even small) number of hours each day that you can work towards achieving your business goals.

Working hard might not be the most exciting notion, but try to understand the concept of discipline in the light of taking a certain amount of time each and every day to simply blow through the boring stuff so that you can enjoy the freedom to focus unabatedly on the things that truly excite you in this world.

The Practical Requirements For Success After Leaving School

One of the most important things that you must have if you want to be independent and succeed on your own after leaving school is having at least one person who will support you and encourage what you are trying to do.

It is a truly sad set of circumstances when a brilliant child has parents who are 'dream killers' that tell their child to just do their homework and work hard simply because they do not know any better, so if you feel that your parents or relatives are like this then it is important for you to break away from them and find at least one person that will encourage you to feel excited about taking risks and acting on your dreams.

This is especially true if you are 18 or younger and are considering leaving school to be fully independent and creative. You absolutely must have a parent or relative that can support you emotionally and also financially, because it is not possible to create huge profitable ideas and to be fully creative if you are constantly worried about how you will survive and pay the bills.

You might not have much money as you are starting, but it is important to save up around $500 so that you can set up your own business and corporate structure called a limited liability company (LLC). This is an important and professional first step that will help you build a real tangible business that is owned by you, and it can allow you to completely separate business costs from living costs. You can also get started building business credit, which can be important later on if you want to build your business to run on autopilot where all you need to do is spend a few hours per day managing the profit infrastructure you have created.

Remember that this is your choice and your company (and your life!), so try to have as much fun with this as possible. Get creative and come up with a cool title for yourself, like 'President & Chief Innovation Officer.'

Final Thoughts For Leaving School and Being Free and Independent

When you finally do decide to leave school, you are presented with a unique opportunity to basically tell your teachers 'I am better than you!' in the most polite way possible, so I encourage you to really have fun with this and use this opportunity to fuel your passion for personal success.

Very few feelings in this world can match the one you will experience when you write an email to all your teachers saying 'I am going to become a millionaire and I don't have to take your crap anymore,' and then throwing away the password to your college email account and never opening it again. This is your moment and it is your life, so embark on this new journey with passion and excitement, for if you can simply maintain those truly powerful emotions then everything will tend to simply fall into place.
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