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How to Use Viral Video To Create Leads and Sales

Aug 12, 2008
I know, that term Viral sounds quite nasty. It sounds like some sort of computer virus; and we all know the dangers of those, don't we? Companies like Norton Anti-virus have made their fortunes keeping viruses away from our computers. But no, in this case, the term viral is a good thing.

A viral video is the cutting edge of Internet communication. It means that you create a video, send it out via e-mail and postings on sites like YouTube, MySpace, Google Video etc. and thus generate interest in what it is you're trying to sell. Websites like these get literally thousands of hits a day; people viewing the videos.

A well-done video, something that interests people and really catches their eye can spread just like a virus, hence the name. People tell others about it, the video gets more viewings, and can even end up being mentioned on the national news! Think about that level of interest in your firm; think of the potential income it can generate.

If you have a new company or an old one, you always have the same problem getting customers. Even a Fortune 500 firm is always looking to expand and increase revenue. With a viral video, you have the potential to generate a huge amount of interest in you and your company, and do it for very little money.

It doesn't matter if you are trying to get a job, sell your latest novel, get clients for your firm or introduce a new product or service. The point is, today we live in a very visual society. Look at the young people today; they use computer and the Internet like the yellow pages and telephone once dominated the scene.

So, a good first step is to do a search online and see what sorts of companies are out there to a video package. You can get something as simple as one video, and then they'll post it to the various websites. If you can do your own editing, you can save some money. If not, there are plenty of sites that will do that for you.

Or, if you want something bigger, you can get as many as five, ten or even twenty videos created; and the company will take care of all producing, editing, and then submitting it to the websites. A video about your firm could be on forty different sites. Think about the interest that could generate. If several thousand people see your videos and that's being very conservative, and only one percent of them become customers, you'll cover the cost of your investment, and make a little extra.

Of course, then there's the continuing income. Think about it; those videos will be out there, on the Internet, generating more interest in you and your company. Over time, that could amount to a huge boost to your overall sales.
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