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The Use of Video Marketing as a Merchant

Aug 12, 2008
If you peruse the Internet, you'll see more and more website making use of video marketing these days. So, the question of you using video marketing is a pretty pointless one. You've really got to. If you don't use video marketing, your competitors will and they'll clean up!

It makes a lot of sense to use video marketing to promote your business or yourself and get people interested in what you have to say; a video allows for communication on so many levels: there's the visual, the audio, there can be images, text, and even music. You appeal to several senses and ways of thinking with video marketing.

People, especially young people, are so used to seeing quick-fire ever-changing media that they will expect to see video on your site. If they don't, they'll quickly become bored with you and leave your site without buying anything.

Back in the glory days of television advertising, companies tried hard to get that sort of connection to their product. One of the best ads of all time was:

"Think Mink"

Short, simple, and people remembered it.

Now, it was not for a particular brand of mink coats, but the underlying principle is what's important.

You want to create a video that will connect with people in that way for successful video marketing. Then, days, or even weeks, later when they see an image or hear a key word, they will think of your company. A connection like that can mean huge dividends for you, and that is where video marketing is worth its weight in gold.

Doing a Bit of Basic Research

So, okay, you decide to create a video and put it out on the Internet to generate some interest in your business through video marketing. The question arises: where do you put it?

Now sure, you can post it everywhere, but that can be time-consuming. So, this is where some basic research is needed to find the right place to post your video marketing so that you are focusing on the places your target group will see it.

Check out the video websites, see which ones are likely to have people you want to market to. After all, if you sell baby furniture, posting to a teen video site is probably not the best bet. Many sites have themes to them; look for those that mesh with your company and product.

One way of handling a sort of Internet "mass marketing" is to join a website connected to other sites. Now, you'll have to register for each site, but once you've done that, you can upload a video and get it on all of them at once again, a very wise marketing tool.
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