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The Smart Money is Going to Creative Real Estate Investing!

Aug 12, 2008
The doom and gloom that you hear on the TV everyday about foreclosures, difficult lending parameters, massive sell-offs, and short sales has peaked the interest of smart investors nationwide.

While people with the capital and credit to take advantage of this turbulent time are making money hand over fist, what about normal folks like us?

What is the secret to making a killing in this perfect storm of real estate upheaval? Three words-Tax Lien Investing!

We are blessed with the best time in history to buy and profit from tax lien certificates. When people have either over-bought or have had a financial down turn, they often lose the ability to pay their mortgage. While this is horrible-it is a fact of life, a fact that we see splashed all over the news every darn day!

One very important factor in this inability to pay the mortgage is that these poor folks will also no longer be able to pay their property tax to the county. While you may have the chance to get an extension from your bank, the government wants their money!

The money the county tax assessor collects goes to fire services, police departments, road maintenance, etc. So needless to say, we want them to get their money too.

When people don't pay their property tax for a year, the county has the right to auction off the lien (in most states) on that property to collect the delinquent taxes. This is where the smart investor steps in!

Not only do you get an ultra high interest rate, up to 50% and beyond, but if the property owner does not pay the taxes within the granted time period (as short as 4 months)...you have the GOVERNMENTALLY enforced right to foreclose on the homes and property!

In a nutshell this mean for literally pennies on the dollar ie., the cost of the tax lien certificate, you get a house, business, and/or land! Most tax lien certificate can be had for less than $3000; many can be bought for less than $500. That's right you can get a house with NO MORTGAGE for less than $500!!!

Now that is a brilliant investment strategy that ANYONE can afford. No stock market speculating, no high dollar-high stakes house flipping, no slow-or-no growth bond investing. Just a governmentally guaranteed investment that at worst pays you ultra high interest and at best gets you a DEBT FREE property for pennies on the dollar...sound about right to you???
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