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Employee Retention: Unlocking the Mystery

Aug 12, 2008
Your company seems to be doing very well and so are its best employees. In the past few months,however,your star performers have been moving to the competition. Why are they leaving? Why aren't they being retained?

Some Perspective

Nice salaries,great benefits and flexible schedules only take you so far in the retention of top-notch employees.Even the most attractive pay, benefit pack age and working for a great organization may not be enough incentive to keep your employees.Year after year,national surveys show that one of the top reasons people leave organizations is because of bad management or difficulty with a boss.So,it stands to reason that if your competitor also has great pay and benefits,you are at risk of losing your best if you don't have effective leadership.

Think about it.A person spends a significant part of his or her day at work.Fundamentally, people like to enjoy coming to work under management who values the maintenance of employee self-esteem and who keeps them wholly involved in the organization.

Case in point: Bill was a talented chemist employed for nine months by a growing pharmaceutical company.He was recruited for his specialized skills,and he was eager to be a part of the new team.Three months into the job,he was starting to feel uneasy.His boss regularly snapped at other members of the team when the desired results were not achieved.As a new member,he felt that much of the blame was placed on him.

After six months,he was still not involved in setting goals for projects. When problems arose,some members were asked for their opinions and others were not.After nine months, he generally felt excluded.His commitment waned and he became distrustful of what his manager brought to the team and his future growth inside the organization.He knew his specialized could excel under better management.It didn't take long for him to jump to a new organization.

A Solution

Employees like Bill can be retained.The key to unlocking the mystery of retention in your organization is the development of successful managers.Your managers need to be trained in three critical management skills which act as the keys to retaining your employees. Although these have been written about previously,they deserve to be mentioned again.

Interaction with team members on a day-to-day basis to maintain and enhance employee self-esteem.

Basing discussions about performance and work habits on behavior instead of personalities or attitudes.

Involving team members in goal setting,problem solving and decision making.

Employees who feel involved in the mission,goals and objectives of the organization on a day-to-day basis are more integral performers.Their bosses provide an essential role in this type of motivation.
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