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How To Find Great Vending Machine Locations!

Aug 12, 2008
Here is a great question. What vending locations give the best results?

Obviously there are some of the big hitter ones, like the public areas where Schools, recreation centers, places like that. Arenas where people seem to frequent the most. Any kind of business that has a steady flow of traffic going in, but those are also harder to get and find.

I have always found that local businesses like offices and factories are great locations. Those are places that I have seen good results with. It does vary and it depends on the make up of the people at the location.

When you are prospecting a location you should take a look at a few things. First you should take a walk around the building to see how many cars are in the parking lot. This should give you an idea of how many employees work there.

Also try and find out if the company had already had a vending service on their premises and if so what was the reason for termination of the vending service?

I always do this because I want to know if I am going to be setting up machines at a location that has potential or is it going to be a dud location and not make me any money. I am all for helping out local businesses in my area but at the end of the day I have to turn a profit at each location.

So if I don't then I will keep sourcing out other locations for that machine until it makes me a profit. Another thing to consider when looking at a potential location is look at the make up of the people that work there. Are the people in the age group of 21 to 35?

You could sell a lot more pop and chips there. When you get into the staff members that at a location that are into say their 40's and 50's, some of them are looking for more healthy varieties of products. This is because the older crowds are more health conscious. I have always found that the younger crowds buy the most snacks.

For the most part, the higher traffic locations are ones where there is more walk through traffic. Say, for example like a trucking station where truckers are coming in and out. Also let's look at inside versus outside locations.

Inside locations in my personal opinion are the best. I have had a couple of outside locations before at a few storage facilities. There was time, I made good money there because there were steady people coming in and out of there all the time renting their trucks and getting storage, but because it was outside, I also opened up myself to the threat of vandalism.

Yes, I had a good run for a while, but then eventually the machine got busted in to. I repaired and kept it going and then they busted in to it again. One even had a security gate and security cameras and they still did it. I have always found inside locations, like factories and offices to be the best.
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Chris Robertson is a 9 year vending operator who works out of Toronto, Canada. Toronto Vending Services
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