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Wholesale Video Games: Free Stamps?

Aug 12, 2008
The old fashioned way for getting your wholesale video games to your customers used to be through regular post office standards. By regular post office standards it used to mean, more expenses. In the late 90s and in the early year of 2001 the only solutions we had were; getting dressed, starting your car, driving it and then having to wait a petulant long line for about 15 minutes and by then get your welcome greetings from the post office clerk.

You no longer have to spend so much money going the old fashioned way in order to deliver your goods to your customers. While in other industries this easily happens, the mortgage and loan business with regular clients wanting to go to the bank and pay from utility bills to their homes in line, for business it makes no sense waiting in line and spending perhaps a trip that consumes you an hour of productive time in your business.

Every individual over the age of 18 and small business owners have the privilege to send their mail from home. The procedure is pretty basic and simple. It saves you time and even money as the amount of time you may spend at post office will most often lead a return on investment on a negative comparing to the service offer.

For example, let us say that you need to ship a 4 pound box of wholesale video games accessories to an international destination, locating ourselves for example in the Caribbean or in North America, French Riviera being the final international destination. Instead of spending the average hour going and returning to the post office, you may spend it by going to few of the available services on the Internet to print your stamp.

One of the great places to pay for shipping and pay your shipping label is USPS corporate website. When it comes to priority mail, express mail, international priority and any type of priority and express option USPS is the go to option. However, let us say that you do not have a four pound package to ship to the French Riviera and you only have a simple national small size envelope in which the weights ounces.

There is then no need to rush it at some given times. Depending on your shipping preferences, one of the options for a successful transaction might be first class mail. Where do you go then? There are a few companies offering services, however, a preferred long time choice among home based business has been Stamps Inc. You can just print your own first class postage by printing it from your same PC as you do with regular priority and express mail packages with USPS.

The savings and value you get for not having to wait in line with 10 to 15 people before you when going to a post office need an empirical consideration of such online services when you have a business. If you have a hobby, you might not need to consider such online solutions. Time saved is more productive time for building your wholesale video games business bigger.
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