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Internet Marketing - Can you Have Too Many Niche Sites?

Aug 12, 2008
Internet Marketing is a busy business, and since most are doing this from home, without a full staff of assistants, there is usually not enough time in the day.

Yes, you can build 50, 75 and even 200 great niche sites BUT where is the fire?

Building a lot of niche sites is NOT the best practice for beginners. There is a lot involved in Internet Marketing and Internet marketing strategies must be applied to each and everyone of the sites for optimal results. I recommend that beginners have NO more than 2 (maximum 3) niche sites.

Success in this business is greatly based on hands-on experience and doing it by applying what you learn.

This experience is best gained, when there is only a few niche sites on which to focus. First keyword research takes time and effort. Also, using all the traffic, link building, article marketing, SEO and all other Internet marketing strategies takes time and work and on top of that you have to do it for 50+ sites? This greatly diminishes your chances for success. Talk about spreading yourself thin?

Now, I do think that having several income sources via niche sites is best, however, there is a time and place for everything, why not wait until you're an expert?

As you apply the Internet marketing strategies and you are learning and getting more and more experience you will become an expert and these techniques will become automatic for you. Along the way you will also learn a ton more from the testing and tweaking and your own personal niche journey. And, THEN, once you become an expert, THAT is when you can build an empire of niche sites!

Believe me, for beginners there is enough to learn and master without adding the huge stress of too many niche sites, and this could become a recipe for failure through massive burn out and simple frustration!

Also, chances are, you will start to take shortcuts because there just is not enough time in the day and this will affect all current and future online campaigns because your expertise and learning of the correct way will be flawed.

Do not set yourself up! There is nothing wrong with taking the time to really learn Affiliate Marketing and all the correct Internet Marketing techniques by focusing on less niche sites. This practice will only pay off in the long run, and not kill you in the short run!
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