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Essential Rules of Business Coaching

Aug 17, 2007
The main objective of a business coach is to help other people improve their competence and proficiency while performing a specific task or a group of tasks through effective advice and guidance. Business coaching is not just about passing on the knowledge and insight you have to those in need, but also to bring out the best in your clients by recognizing their talents.

Just as with any other skill, business coaching also requires sufficient knowledge and practice to use it effectively. Apart from acquired skills, a business coach also needs personal skills for coaching. It is through this tool that a business coach can bring out significant improvement in the performance of their clients.

For all those who aspire to become good business coaches, there are some essential rules to bring an improvement in the lives of others.

Once you have been appointed as a business coach, it is essential to set expectations. Setting realistic expectations and achievable goals are very important to bring about change. You will further need to explain why these expectations and goals are desirable and how they can help both the organization and the individual.

Once you have set the expectations and helped decide on the goals it is time that you begin observing performance. Based on the performance of the individual as well as the organization, you may then determine the areas where the performer is lacking. These areas may include skillfulness at executing the planned action, knowing what to do and when, self-confidence and willingness to take initiatives. You may also need to identify the barriers (if any) that are restricting performance levels.

After determining the areas lacking in any of these aspects, you need to start executing appropriate methods of improvement. It is important to remember that these methods need to be implemented in incremental stages. The different stages of doing this involve giving relevant advice and then providing adequate skill training. In the process, you may even need to invent better tools to remove performance barriers.

Your next job will be to evaluate and measure the outcome by comparing all actions with the results achieved, and the results to the objectives or goals that were set. You can then raise or lower the targets based on the current competence level of the performer.

You may need to repeat the whole process more than once in order to encourage and guide your client towards constant improvement.

It is also important to acknowledge and appreciate every success, irrespective of whether it is big or small and at the same time be a critic of errors. Trying to end every interaction in a win-win situation is also crucial in bringing out the best in your clients. This will ensure every coaching interaction of yours is a positive experience, at the same time making it more acceptable to everyone. Moreover, this rule will also help you retain your clients.

It is important to remember that unless you really connect with the individual you are coaching, your advice may not be of any use and you may not be able to analyze the situation properly. There can be no fixed rules for coaching, as it is largely dependent on a person own perspective of looking at it and delivering accordingly. However, the rules mentioned here may help you in understanding the basic aspects that a person looks for when he hires a business coach. The satisfaction of a being a good coach is thus self rewarding, and remains forever in the memories and hearts of all those who have received help from you.
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