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Craigslist Tips To Make More Money

Aug 12, 2008
You've probably heard the nightmare stories about the too-good-to-be-true "opportunities" that are offered by people who swear up and down that you can make lots of money by selling things on Craigslist. People that try this out usually fail after wasting a lot of time, and thus they give up.

But you shouldn't give up so easily, for in fact you can make good money selling things on Craigslist. It's just that you need to know what you're doing, as with anything else.

To begin with, those people who fail to sell on Craigslist are, well, bland. Their ads have nothing to make them stand out. Everybody and his pet dog advertises on Craigslist.

If you don't stand out there's no reason why anyone would take you seriously enough to buy something from you, ESPECIALLY not online. Shopping online is easy, and so is getting screwed online.

If you are selling something like, say, a computer, and all you do is list specs and have some washed out looking photograph to accompany your specs... forget it. No sale. Nobody cares.

You think a computer should be a hot selling item, especially since yours is in such good shape for being used. Yeah, well, lots of other people have the same idea and the same computer for sale.

Some people think it's more professional looking to use manufacturer photographs if they're selling used products on Craigslist. Wrong. "Professional" on Craigslist translates into "scammer" in people's minds. You should take all of your own photographs, in your own real setting.

As far as the text, you have to give people a sense of urgency. When people are shopping online they are looking to save time as well as money. They will only become interested in technical specs later on, after they have already decided to trust you enough to contact you and have been persuaded by your emotion-grabbing sales pitch.

You need to give a call to action, as they say in sales. Give people a sense of your personality with the way you write the ad and place the photograph, and appeal to their emotions. Make them feel urgent about taking this item off your hands for their own personal gain.

You have to have them feeling like they will lose out if they hesitate. Be personable, straightforward, excited, and just one of the everyday people.

This starts with the header link, of course. KISS - keep it simple, stupid. Use the briefest of descriptions that you possibly can. Saying things like "MUST SELL ASAP" or "PRICE SLASHED" work wonders. No appeal to reason ever works as much as an appeal to emotion, said Aristotle.

Other things you can do in your header link include writing in all caps (as long as you don't seem like you're "yelling"), and using keywords in order to get more exposure and show up higher in the results when people do searches.

So, what's so hard about making money selling on Craigslist? There's nothing hard about it, expecially if you implement these simple tips.
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