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The Benefits of Matte Finish Laminating Pouches

Aug 13, 2008
Lamination is the best way to keep your documents protected and preventing them from being damaged from folds, creases, warping, tearing and spills. Occasionally, some people who use laminated documents will need to write on their document, but, the fact that most of the laminating pouches available have a glossy finish to them makes it difficult to write on your laminated documents. However, there is a great solution to this problem and that is to use laminating pouches that have a matte finish to them so you can write on them with a pen or a marker. This is an ideal solution for many situations where you have documents to present, and might need to jot down a few notes here or there.

Matte finished laminating pouches will provide sufficient protection for your documents, but they can also give you the ability to write on the surface much easier than you could on a glossy finished laminate. If you spend a lot of time in meetings or presentations, I'm sure you can see the advantage to being able to take down notes on your document that has been laminated. With a matte finished laminated document you have the ability to write on your document with a ball point pen, or even a pencil. This is not possible with glossy finished laminate, the result would look very faded and smudged.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that you don't really have to choose between matte and glossy, because there are pouches out there that have one side which is glossy and the other side which is matte. This is a great solution for someone who needs to have the flexibility to be able to write on their laminated document, but also want the slick look of the glossy finish to make their document look professional.

If you have your own laminator I would suggest that you pick up the matte/glossy combo pouches because unless you need both sides of your document to have the professional look that the glossy finish gives you, it is much more worth your while to have a document that offers the best of both worlds. Don't underestimate having the ability to mark up your documents and make notes while you are in your meetings or presentations, it could mean the difference from remembering and forgetting something that could potentially give you the upper hand in what you are trying to accomplish.
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