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Cafe Furniture: How to Make Your Furniture Last Longer

Aug 13, 2008
The furniture in your cafe are some of the biggest investments you have to make when opening up this kind of business. They are important primarily because these are the equipment that your customers will be using while they drink and dine inside your cafe. Therefore, these pieces of furniture should be durable, comfortable, inviting and aesthetically appealing to attract customers and make them enjoy their stay.

Of course, the first step comes from buying the right kind of cafe furniture. Quality over quantity and perfect balance between form and function are some of the most important principles that should be kept in mind when buying furniture. A lot of patience, effort and time are the key ingredients in finding the furniture that will be functional as well as blend with your cafe beautifully.

But it doesn't end there. Once you have found the pieces that will fit perfectly into your cafe, the next step entails proper caring and treatment for these furniture to ensure that they will last a long time in your cafe.

But then you wonder, what kind of special care and treatment do you need to make these furniture last a long time? The answers are quite simple. With these few tips you can follow, you can look forward to many more years with your cafe furniture.

First tip is the simplest and probably the most obvious one: clean your furniture regularly! This advice is something everybody already knows but most people overlook and take for granted especially those who are tied down with too hectic schedules.

However, who said you should clean it yourself, right? If you're too busy managing the cafe, doing financial reports, assessing the progress of the business or conceptualizing ways on how to attract more customers, you can delegate the task of cleaning the furniture to another person. Just be sure that you train the person in charge with the know-how in cleaning the furniture in the cafe.

To be able to do so, you should know the rudiments of furniture cleaning. First off, you have to be aware that different kinds of furniture require different cleaning methods. What may be applicable for your wooden chairs may not be right for the metal stools.

For furniture whose surface is made of fabric, make it a point to regularly vacuum them. While if the furniture is constructed of leather, it is a must that you are able to clean it regularly with a good leather treatment product. As with wood furniture, keep it sparklingly clean and polished with a good wood oil.

A second tip in maintaining your cafe furniture is to check them daily for any signs of damage. Remember immediate action is vital. For serious damage, bring the furniture to a repair shop right away. For minor ones like spills and stains, there are ways you can do to prevent them from getting worse. For instance, for liquid stains such as coffee on fabric furniture, you should be able to wipe the spill immediately before it seeps further into the material. Dip a cloth into a soapy water and use this to remove the stain.

Another example is chewing gum stuck on your furniture. The trick here is to hold an ice cube over the gum and wait until it chills and hardens. After that, remove the hardened gum with your fingers. Scrape off remnants with a table knife. Gently rub the area with a cloth dipped in cream wax.

Third and final tip is not to subject your furniture to abuse. Do not allow customers to misuse furniture by putting too heavy objects on top of the table or Indian-sitting on the couch. Of course, a simple reminder for your customers is enough but not to the point that they will feel restricted by the rules you impose on them. Remember, the furniture are valuable but so are your customers.

Since your cafe furniture are precious investments you make for your business, it's only right that you care for them and treat them well so that they last a long time doing service for you and your customers.
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