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Membership Cards: Establishing Customer Loyalty and Branding

Aug 13, 2008
Membership cards serve many purposes. Corporate membership cards let you know who the members of a corporate entity are, whether they are employees or members of an elite organization. Printed membership cards are essential to any organization that enlists paid members, including health clubs for example or VIP clubs. These membership cards can contain information including the members name, ID number and the type of membership the card member has.

Scannable or digital cards can also double as a security key for corporate card holders. These corporate membership cards are ideal for high-level executives that need both a corporate membership card and executive clearance to gain access to a building or their office after hours. Some scannable membership cards also allow certain members into some areas of a building but not others during the day or during certain hours. They can also track who is in what building during what times. These unique customized membership cards are an ideal asset to any savvy security team.

Customized membership cards are ideal for companies that offer VIP services because they allow an organization to distinguish between basic services and VIP services. The membership cards distinguishing the two classes can be easily differentiated through printed material that allows branded membership cards to identify clients.

What Membership Cards Do

Using membership cards is actually a form of marketing. When you have corporate membership cards or branded membership cards, you are in effect establishing your brand. You should always use printed membership cards when using membership cards to establish brand loyalty and customer loyalty. If you emboss your membership cards with your logo for example, more and more people will come to establish your business with the logo and design, even the color of your customized membership cards.

Some smaller companies are tempted to buy generic membership cards. This is not always a good idea. Generic membership cards are easy to tamper with. They do nothing for customer loyalty. Most people forget about them as easily as they for get about the hotel menu when they leave for the day. If you want to make a lasting statement in the eyes of your customers then the best thing you can do is establish brand loyalty.

This is easily accomplished many different ways, including through branded membership cards.

Promotional Membership Cards

Gyms have the market on promotional membership cards. They routinely give away free short-term memberships especially during slow times of the year like the summer. When the weather warms up not as many people want to workout inside; they would rather ride their bikes or go for a walk. For this reason the attendance level at many gyms drops off. This can cause a shortage in revenues. To help remedy this problem many gyms offer promotional membership cards.

These cards can be easily distributed to summer only members. You may decide to offer them a special discount for using the gym or signing up for the summer (in the hopes they will continue their membership after the summer). Typically promotional membership cards are printed with a different color, coding or appearance so staff can easily distinguish them from traditional membership cards.
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