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How Just About Anyone Can Skyrocket Their Website To The Top Of Google

Aug 17, 2007
If you are 100 percent committed and serious about getting a top ranking on Google then you need to keep reading to learn how SEO professionals get top rankings on Google and how virtually anyone else online can copy what they are doing to achieve the same results.

There are two types of website search engine optimization - there is on page optimization and there is off page optimization. Both of these are important, however, on Google it is your off page optimization that is ultimately going to make a huge difference to your rankings and mean the difference between appearing 10 pages deep on Google and appearing in the idolised top 3 positions.

Let me take a moment to explain what off page optimization is. It's not so much what appears on your website but, in fact, what appears on other websites about you. It is your reputation and how the search engines actually believe other websites perceive you. Off page search engine optimization includes how many websites link back to your site, which websites actually link back to you, the Google page rank or PR of the websites linking back to you, the actual title of the pages linking back to you, the anchor text used in the link back to your site, the number of links on the website that's linking back to you and the type of links they have on their own links page. Even the IP address of websites linking back to you is of importance to Google.

Let's say, for argument sake, your main keyword is RV accessories. In order to achieve the best off page optimization results you would need to carefully analyse in depth the top 10 ranked websites for your chosen keyword RV accessories. The goal here is to analyse and duplicate precisely what these top 10 websites are doing and if possible do it better. By being in the top 10 in Google these websites have given Google precisely what they are looking for. These top 10 websites have now made your task so much easier. In fact, by duplicating what these websites have done you can actually outrank these top 10 websites.

Let's say that you wanted to analyse the number 1 website on Google for safe weight loss. What you need to look at when looking at the number 1 website are the items that I have already mentioned like the number of websites linking back to this site, the page title of websites linking back to this site, the number of links they have on their page, their Google page rank, the IP addresses of the websites linking back to them.

To find out which websites link to this number 1 site type in Google link:www followed by the rest of the url. Google will then bring up the number of pages linking back to this number 1 site.

Now it's important to analyse in more detail the websites that are actually linking to this website. You do this by getting the page rank for some fo these websites. It's easy to learn the page rank of a website by using the free Google toolbar. You can download it here http://toolbar.google.com.

You will want to get sites linking back to you that actually have your main keyword in the title. Use your main keyword as your anchor link on the links pages you submit to. It's also important to analyse the number of total links and the quality of the links on the websites linking to the number 1 website. You will want to get links from pages with as few links as possible on that links page for best results.

Authority websites are highly regarded by Google so if you can find an authority website that is linking to the number 1 site then try and exchange links with them also. Use this free tool at http://www.andyhagans.com/tools/hubfinder. It is also important to get backlinks from other websites from as many different IP addresses as possible. To find out IP addresses of websites go to http://www.webrankinfo.com/english/tools/class-c-checker.php.

Once you analyse the top site then take some time to analyse at least 5 to 9 sites that rank underneath it. Yes, it takes a lot of time on your part and quite a bit of dedication but in order to rank as high as possible on Google you must know exactly how these top websites are using off page optimization because this is just the thing that is getting the top rankings that most website owners can only dream of.

Of course, you can personally analyse websites manually or automatically for a fraction of the cost of an SEO consultant that virtually does everything I have just shared with you at the touch of a button. Of course it is not critical to use a software program, although it does save a great deal of time and frustration. What is most important is that you spend time analysing your top ranking competitors through whatever means possible to you at this point of time.
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