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If you smoke, get an ashtray

Aug 13, 2008
An ashtray's job or purpose is to keep the 'ashes' produced by your cigarette, cigar or Cuban cigar in a nicely tucked away place. Let's face it, ashes are disgusting, especially the ones that are generated by cigarettes. That is why an ashtray is essential when enjoying a cigarette, or a Cuban cigar. See, what you have too keep an eye on is getting an ashtray that actually does the job.

Ashes symbolize that you've just smoked the tobacco and this is what's left of it. Ashes are not meant to be consumed and contain dangerous chemicals that can be very harmful to your body. So does every smoke but I guess it's a personal decision for people if they want to smoke it or not. Smoking overall is not very healthy friendly but my goal is to educate you on the subject rather than just tell you to stop it.

To ash out your cigarettes, or Cuban cigars, people require an ashtray. An ashtray is a 'receiver' of ashes produced by your smoke and when you are done smoking, the ashtray is cleaned out. It serves as an holder for ashes and prevents you from 'ashing out' on a carpet or some other place which may be of value.

An ashtray is your friend and your true friend especially if you are a smoker. As the ashes produced are very negative to your personal health and must be disposed of quickly.

Today ashtrays are produced in many different styles, shapes and colors. They also vary in price range from as low as five bucks to almost thousands of dollars. The in the thousands are obviously collector's items, but you get the idea. Most ashtray are now made with three main types of material. Steel, glass or heat proof plastic. In most cases, a combination of these material is used too.
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