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Tropical Interior Design

Aug 13, 2008
The Elements of Tropical Interior Design

Many people like to use minor elements of tropical interior design as a way to escape the pressures of the day. Some people will have tropical interior design posters at their desks at work and some even go so far as to have tropical fish at their desk. These are all attempts to get away from the stress of the day because everyone always equates tropical interior design with vacation time and a time to get away from reality.

Tropical Theme Basics

However, the tropics are more than just posters and small fishbowls filled with fish that are probably as bored as you are. The tropics are about simplicity and a mix of colors that can revitalize the soul. The tropics are about a warm breeze blowing through your hair and even the feel of sand between your toes. Yes the tropics are about relaxing but there are so many other elements to tropical interior design that people seem to leave out.

It is kind of sad to go to any bar in the United States that is trying to get a tropical interior design theme going and see how miserably they fail. Meanwhile the new tropical interior design theme restaurant down the street is doing just fine and seems to offer a more authentic tropical feel. Why is that? One of the key elements to any tropical interior design theme is warmth and light. I am not talking about the buzz of an overhead fluorescent work lamp; I mean real natural light that flows in all day long.

Then at night that light shifts to the dim but effective light of firelight from torches and bon fires. The warm breeze hits you all day long and then that cool breeze comes in at night off the ocean and then you are talking tropics. If you want to really get a tropical interior design theme going get some nice big windows installed and regulate the temperature of your building to be warm during the day and cool at night.

Using Bamboo

It really doesn?t scream tropics but for some reason using bamboo does seem to lend a tropical feel to any motif. Bamboo wall coverings, bamboo mats on the floor and even on the ceilings, or even a bamboo hardwood floor all seem to have their unique qualities that make something feel truly tropical. If you really want to help that along then get some fake palm tree leaves and then you are talking a real tropical feel. Bamboo is nice but bamboo combined with palm tree leaves and you are talking Jamaica.

It doesn?t take a lot to make people feel somewhat tropical but if you what to do it right then you need to do some of the basics. Lots of natural light during the day, dim firelight at night, and a warm breeze can make anyone feel tropical.
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