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Multiple Streams of Residual Income-Work From Home Now!

Aug 13, 2008
Have you always wanted to work from home but had no idea how to get started? Well today there is an opportunity out there called residual income. It has been around forever, but has constantly gone unnoticed. Residual income is just like regular income, but 1000 times better! Residual income allows for you to do the work one time and earn continuous income for the lifetime of that customer. When earning residual income it is always best to earn multiple streams of residual income at the same time. By having multiple streams of residual income, there should be no reason why your business will fail and rely heavily on one company to take you to the top.

When you think about residual income opportunities things like membership sites, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) opportunities, and even your cell phone provider should come to your head. Let's use your cell phone provider as an example to help better explain what a residual income opportunity is. You go to sign up for your cell phone plan at X company and one of the first things the sale rep will tell you is that if you sign up for this 2 year plan you can get this new cell phone that just came in COMPLETELY FREE. That cell phone company may be giving away a 2 or 3 hundred dollar phone away for free, but they just earned 2 years of guaranteed residual income coming in right out of your very own pocket. That sales rep earned the sale one time, but will be rewarded with commission for 2 years as you will be paying a monthly bill for your cell phone bill.

Now keep that example in mind and let's show you how it works in the internet marketing field. One of the largest multiple streams of residual income opportunities out there is called MLM opportunities. When most people that have been around the internet marketing world for years hear the world MLM, immediately they think of scam. There have been thousands of MLM scams throughout the years, which have tarnished the term MLM. Even though there are many MLM scams in the past, there are thousands of legitimate opportunities still out there and these are the ones that you need to be offering to your future customers. I recommend spending lots of time researching each company such has how many years have they done business and is there product just junk or well worth the consumers money? You know the years and years it took you to establish trust and respect with your customers can all be tarnished in a matter of minutes if you try and promote the wrong product. Take your time and do your research to offer a respectable and honest product to all your customers. Your customers can be in the form of an email list you established or your blog. Establishing an email list is one of the greatest ways to generate multiple streams of residual income because you can offer multiple products each week to your customers. I wish you the best of luck!
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