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Why You Need Paid Web Hosting?

Aug 13, 2008
There is nothing wrong with a free web hosting service, but there are implications to having your business hosted at a free web hosting service such as geocities. First, you will notice that people are less likely to buy your products because they do not trust putting their personal information on a free website. And many times, a free website cannot handle the amount of traffic that you would need in order to get enough business. Free hosting is also often supported with banner advertising which you have no control over and may even include your competitions banners.

Free web hosting is great for personal websites, but if you want to run an online business, you will need to get paid web hosting. There are many web hosting sites available that are affordable and will provide you with all the tools that you need in order to run your site and get the business that you need.

A paid web hosting site will often give you a chance to have your own domain name hosted there. This gives you the opportunity to drive customers to your website with the right domain name. A good name will be short, to the point, and will be memorable to all your customers.

Paid web hosting also comes with more features that you will need in order to better manage your internet business. You will be provided with tools such as email accounts, mailing list management tools, CGI scipts, MySQL databases and FTP tools. All of this is not standard with a paid hosting service, so you will want to check out what the package you are buying actually includes. But you still can get some of theses features, even with the cheapest web hosting package.

When you are choosing the web hosting service, you will also want to make sure that your business will have room to grow. You will want to make sure you web hosting provider will allow you to upgrade once you have outgrown your current web hosting package. With a great, accessible site you will be able to run a great business.

Before choosing decide how much Web space, Bandwidth and Number of Email Accounts (Mailboxes) you'll need to run your online business but also allow for some growth in your business and web hosting requirements. MySQL, SSL, Website Builders, Junk Mail Filters might also be something you may need to consider.
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