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What happened with my project? "The dog ate my homework

Aug 13, 2008
Products and services everywhere, the Internet is completely surrounded by electronic items, products to sell, websites everywhere, those Google searches the majority of times return tons of results. That's because there are many people who need those products. You have probably bought items on the Internet already and you know the satisfaction it feels when you buy a product that actually does what you expect it to do. You care a lot about the products you get from companies but you don't care that much about companies themselves.

That's fine, you are doing nothing bad. That's how things are actually, shoppers want the best products no matter from where they can get them.

But I don't want to talk to you about Amazon. I want to talk you about Rent A Coder and about how RACsuccess is at the service of all coders and buyers that work in Rent a Coder.

No matter where you go, you will always find different people that act and behave differently. Some people are very dedicated to their work, others like to talk while they work, others like to have some "free time". Even on big companies these things can happen.

There is nothing like working for a reputable company. It gives great satisfaction. However, there are some people that don't know or have problems appreciating that. Given this, many coders in Rent a Coder often don't do what they are suppose to be doing: projects, projects, projects and getting them done on time!

When coders don't care about buyers or when they just care about getting paid, you as a buyer feel frustrated or that there is really no one there to help you. You even get under the impression that the site you are working on is bad and that everyone else that works on that site doesn't do a good job. That has happened many times with buyers in Rent a Coder. They hired a coder that let them down, then they thought there are no good coders at all in Rent a Coder and had a bad impression about Rent a Coder. There are many coders to which the saying: "The dog ate my homework" applies because that's the excuse that they always use when working with buyers.

The time of the breakthrough has come. It's time for buyers to be able to choose coders only from the "white" pool which represents all the great coders that work in Rent a Coder. The RACsuccess package is really that amazing product that is helping so many buyers out there to select the good coders from the bad, that informs them about how to deal with coders positively, and to help them get exactly what they are expecting from them and much more!

Through the RACsuccess package, Luis Lazo (owner of RACsuccess), he shares with you all that you need to know in order to succeed in Rent a Coder as a buyer. This amazing product has come to improve the lives of so many buyers that work in Rent a Coder or that want to be buyers in Rent a Coder. Definitely this a must have product for any buyer that wants to succeed in Rent a Coder by learning how to choose and work successfully with the right coders only!

Selecting the right coder is not an easy task and that's why Luis Lazo is already influencing so many buyers that request projects in Rent a Coder by sharing all the knowledge he has in working as a buyer. Through the RACsuccess package which is a software application, it gives you access to a buyer's guide which is an amazing resource for any buyer that wishes to be able to select good coders, how to deal with them, and much more. Not only that, he also created some videos for buyers which show you exactly how to succeed in Rent a Coder as a buyer.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ian Ippolito authorized Luis Lazo to start his idea of RACsuccess after he proposed him his idea. Ian Ippolito is the owner of Rent a Coder and Planet Source Code.
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Learn more about the RACsuccess package. There are free videos in RACsuccess that you can obtain by just signing up on the home page and submitting your name and email and you also obtain a must have report related to arbitration.
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