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Success Tips For Outsourcing Project Tasks For Your Pet Site

Aug 13, 2008
Starting and growing a business can be challenging for anyone. Overcoming these challenges with successful outsourcing solutions is a key to solid growth, savings with time, effort, money and hair-pulling. To help you save, here are some success tips for outsourcing your project tasks.

1) Initially seek to set up systems. You don't want to just hire one person after another to work on your tasks, making you instruct over and over again, fill gaps when the person is sick, goes on vacation or bails or simply starts doing poorly.

For example, line up good help for your pet website. You will need someone to load information regularly as new products and services are added like your new line of dog feeders for the holiday season. You'll also want help to revise your web content with updated sales info and payment buttons, to add articles, to install a forum section and a blog, etc. over time - in short, grow your business. So seek a good person you can trust who is reliable and experienced with web work to tackle your web tasks long term.

An alternative is to seek a company with an outsource team you can trust. That way if someone is sick, out for vacation or quits, etc., you'll have the team leader who gets someone to stand in and help you out promptly.

2) Make templates and training materials and backup your info regularly. You don't want to train the same tasks over and over again. For example, even in the case of using a team, you want the team leader to grab your training info and run with it when substituting new workers in place on shifts.

Templates and instructions need to be simple and basic, too, for multiple cultures who may have English as a second language to review. Otherwise wordiness and inaccurate instructions may cause confusion and mislead people.

For example, let's say every time you want to use your keyword phrase, like dog beds in your article, you want it hyperlinked. Give simple instructions for making a link the way you want like:

To make a phrase hyperlinked, use this code and insert the link we give you for the URL: dog beds

(Psst: Don't forget to include the URL for the instructions above that point to a page for these keywords)

3) Seek help as needed with your outsourcing. A great resource is a print book, available at Amazon called, "The 4-Hour Workweek," by Timothy Ferriss. Ferriss lists 13 mistakes made by many who are growing their businesses, plus targets an entire section on dealing with outsourcing, offering his own resources as well.

4) Get help regularly from good writers using the native language of your target audience. For example, to help sell your dog ramps you need someone who can write in a personal or natural way for your blog, articles that will be distributed online, your press releases and other content needs. You want writers sharing experiences about dogs in a natural way.

Note that while you can outsource to people in other countries who write using English as their second language, know that you will probably want someone available to edit and revise the content at least a little before you can use it.

So there's no need to worry about starting and growing your own business. You're your challenges head on and overcome them with successful outsourcing solutions. You'll join others and find that this is truly a key to solid growth. And you'll enjoy the savings you get with it: saving you time, effort, money and hair-pulling.
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