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Aug 13, 2008
The internet is all about making money and learning which sites and processes work and which dont. This is pretty easy to do by asking around or by trial and error. In my opinion, trial and error is the best way to go because then you get the full experience yourself, then you can choose if a site is really legit or really works or doesn't work. A lot of the times when your online, people will say they don't like this or that site, but you never genuinely know if it's because they got screwed over or if it's because they got caught doing something they shouldn't have been doing. There are several different GPT type sites out there. For example, you can get paid to read, get paid to post, get paid to comment, get paid to blog, get paid to review, Here are a few small example was or programs:

GPTR - You can get paid to read your emails. This doesnt pay much however. But if your looking to make a few quick bucks for hosting or whatever else, go for it.

Get paid to post - People will actually pay you to post on their forums. They usually do this when a site is brand new and they are looking to make the site seem "active." It can be a really fun way to make money, but make sure you check the site out before you just jump into it because it may be about Health stuff and you may know nothing about health, and there are some thigns you just cant fake!

Get paid to comment - Owners on blogs and other websites will pay you to post comments on their entries or posts. Again this is all about seeming active. You can get paid several cents to several dollars per comment so make sure you ask lots of questions beforehand. The last thing you want to do is make a hundred comments and get paid $.10 right?

Get paid to blog - Sites like blogvertise will pay you to write product or company blogs. If you go on this site chances are you'll just get paid a couple dollars the first time. This is a way for the companies and businesses and for blogvertise to try you out. However, the more offers that you get from this site for more money you can make per block. Last week I did a blot of online gift baskets and I get paid for dollars for doing it. It was really easy it is really find and I get paid within a month. I know four dollars that's nothing, but it was a cool experiemtn to try and see if it worked or not. It did!

Get paid to review - There are several different sites you can visit online that will pay you to review websites. Here are just a few examples: DooYoo, PayPerPost, SoftwareJudge, and Review Stream. Most likely you will not get paid per review but rather CPM, which is cost per thousand.

Of course there are millions of other ways to make money online such as survey sites or fill out offer sites but I'll be honest I've tried several of these sites and none of them have worked out. So therefore Im not going to recommend any to you. Depending on what you decide to choose to make money online. I wish you luck, I wish you success and make sure most importantly thing you check sites album for you join them to make sure that they are legit!
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