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5 Crucial Elements For Effective Direct Response Marketing

Aug 13, 2008
Direct Response Marketing is a form of marketing designed to obtain a direct response from a potential or former customer who is in need of a product or service.

These responses can then be quantified and data collected. This data can be manipulated into lists which will help future marketing efforts target and pinpoint the potential customer more directly, saving money and time for the client.

The concept is structured so that the potential customer directly responds to the advertisers. The advertiser is also considered as the marketer.

In order for customers to respond, the advertisers use media that instructs the customer to contact them directly. This is why it is known as direct response marketing.

The advertising in direct response marketing has four factors. It consists of the offer, enough information for the customer to decide to take action, a call to action (meaning, "call now" or "you have ten minutes left to call", and how they can respond to the advertisement.

Other media that is used to get the word across is:

* Radio ads
* Television ads
* Magazines and other periodicals
* Infomercials

However, in order for direct response marketing to be effective, there are five elements that are crucial to its success:

1. Only advertise or market to customers that have the potential of purchasing again in the future. The way to do that is to implement follow-up marketing to those that show an interest. You don't have to waste time contacting those uninterested parties, and have essentially pared down your list.

2. The kind of advertising that is presented does matter. One kind of advertising that has proven to bring results is in a newsworthy format. In fact, it doesn't look like advertising and looks more like a news blurb. People will always read or listen to the news, whether it's good or bad.

3. With the news format ads, they shouldn't be created to where they don't have an avenue or limited avenue to respond. There should be at least two ways listed that they can do this. They can include a website, physical address and a toll free number. Most advertisements have at least two or three of these listed. The more you have the better chance of customers you'll get.

4. Within the advertisements, there is one important element that is needed. It is something that is a sure driving force for people to respond. What is it? Curiosity. It's important not to divulge everything about the advertisement. Too much information can spoil the excitement. The advertisement should be created as a teaser so people will respond to get more information.

5. It is important to test and track your results. This will help you to gauge which ads responded well and which ones didn't. You'll have to either make adjustments on some of them or just get rid of them altogether. Just keep in mind that creating direct response advertising with emotion will cause more people to take action.

Using these tips can only help to make direct response marketing go to the next level in business.
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Hal Lewis is a writer for Direct Mail Company MBI-Directmail, who are based in Florida. They specialize in Direct Response Marketing. more Direct Mail Articles here.
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