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Make Money Online - How Hype Can Ruin Your Business

Aug 13, 2008
Making Money Online is a viable, stable and respectable business.

Affiliate Marketing for example, is where millions of companies on the Internet pay a performance-based commission if you can drive sales to their websites by promoting their products and services. An affiliate is able to make money online by being a middleman between online surfers and merchant products. By referring consumers with the products they are looking for, the affiliate gets a commission for every sale from the merchant through an Affiliate Program.

There is a lot of hype and dishonest claims out there about making money online. Basically, if something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Mostly these claims are tactics to get people to buy some product or over priced e-book. Unfortunately these tactics often shed a dark light on this business and the fact that it is a viable, honest and good way to make money online and work at home for yourself.

Learning the truth about affiliate marketing, and the correct tools and techniques to develop this business is crucial to success. Don't fall for the hype!

Hype and Fact of Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing:

Hype: "Get rich overnight" "Make Millions Entering Data" "Make $1,000 by Tonight"
Fact: Affiliate Marketing provides endless opportunities to make money online and the freedom of having your own home business BUT it takes a lot of hard work, correct knowledge, dedication, commitment and patience for success. These moronic slogans are just hooks to sell you some more hype, don't fall for it!

Hype: Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing is easy.
Fact: It is basically simple, but it is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work, commitment and patience. The key to success is learning the correct tools and techniques and consistently applying them.

Hype: You have to buy an expensive e-book or course to learn the business of Affiliate Marketing and to Make Money Online.
Fact: There is a ton of free information about the how-to's of affiliate marketing and making money online.

Hype: Affiliate Marketing requires a lot of money in start-up costs.
Fact: In fact, affiliate marketing is special because you can start a home-business with next to nothing in start-up costs, all that is required is a computer, an Internet connection, knowledge of correct tools and techniques, a willingness to work hard, and of course the desire to make money.

Hype: The Internet is too competitive and the opportunities to make money online are no longer available.
Fact: In fact, there are countless viable opportunities within affiliate marketing, and while certain market areas are quite competitive there are thousands that are still wide open. Everyday there are millions of new users joining the Web and there are plenty of untapped niches/markets available where money is waiting to be earned. The key is learning the correct research techniques.

Hype: I have to quit my day job to make money online and to build an affiliate marketing business.
Fact: Many affiliates work around their day jobs, this can be a challenge, but those that really want it do succeed. You can develop this business on your own time and work around your jobs and families with the end goal of course of telling your boss goodbye once your business becomes successful!

Don't let dishonest hype and schemes ruin your success in making money online. Honest, techniques, tools and guides are the keys to making money online.
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