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GeneWise Life Sciences Business Opportunity Review - Is This New MLM Launch Worth the Risk?

Aug 13, 2008
If you are familiar to the Network Marketing Industry or MLM you probably already know that the people that get involved early tend to make the best money over the long haul. The people that come in later have a higher failure rate and have to fight it out with thousands of other affiliates for prospects.

When a new Network Marketing business opportunity is announced the first thing to look for, is are there big players getting involved. If yes, they probably know something we don't know. It is definitely worth a look.

GeneWise Life Sciences is one of those business opportunities worth taking a look at. As I researched the company LifeLink, I found it to be a solid company of research scientists on the cutting edge of DNA and nutrition. The product is truly a break through nutritional supplement based on your DNA.

You receive a home DNA test that is easily administered and send it to GeneWize where they do an analysis and create a personalized vitamin supplement package for you. There is a lot of talk in the Medical circles about customized DNA vitamins. The vitamin industry is a multi billion dollar one and most people are not even sure if they are taking the right ones.

The part that should be of interest to Network Marketers is that it has not even hit the Market yet and the business opportunity is only circulating in a small circle of people. When the company launches the product in August 2008 I am sure the word will start to spread faster.

I have to think back years ago when companies like herbalife and amway were just starting out. Could you imagine being one of the top players in those million plus member MLMs. As we all know there are no guarantees in any home business but sometimes it is good to get in on something that is new and exciting.

My opinion about the GeneWize Life Sciences business opportunity is that it is definitely a good play, the initial investment is low and the ceiling has yet to be set. If you are new to Network Marketing or are looking for another business opportunity GeneWize is worth a look. Keep in mind the Health and Nutrition industry is one of the fastest growing industries and will continue to grow for years to come.

Caution! The Team you join in GeneWise Life Sciences is very important. As more and more people find out about this business opportunity it is easy to sign up with the wrong team. The Genewise team you should consider must be teaching all its new members the most modern Network Marketing techniques.

If you are new to Network Marketing you will need help and a good team that will be there for you. If you are a Network Marketing Veteran you need to constantly upgrade your skills to compete in todays Internet world. So do your research and make sure you are confident that the Gewnewise team you join is a good fit for your new home business.
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Jeffrey Taylor has been an Internet Marketing Specialist since 1995. He is a Home Business Coach and currently owns over 4,300 revenue producing Websites. To receive some inside information about the GeneWize Business opportunity check out Genewize Business Opportunity Review
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