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Adding Fabric Structures to Your Trade Show booth

Aug 14, 2008
Over the past few years we have seen a trend with exhibitors adapting fabric structures to their exhibit booth. Some of the main reasons for this are because of the technology to print on fabric as well as the low cost of shipping fabrics structures. Lowering your cost to ship and set up your booth in the convention hall is a major cost saver.

We now know that fabric structures can provide a great deal of cost savings. The main areas that cost can be saves is as follows: Labor to set up and dismantle the structure is now kept to minium as oppose to setting up large and heavy items we now need less laborers. The other cost saving are in shipping. We know that shipping cost have gone up due to the high cost of gas. Therefore cut your weight and size of shipping crates and items and your shipping cost drops. Fabric structures are light weight and take up less room to ship.

The draw back in using the typical fabric structure which is fabric stretched over aluminums structure is the handling of the fabric, which in time get dirty and worn. The cost to replace this is expensive. Well to get to my point, along come the Delta Fabric system. This system comes with an aluminum frame typical to a 4x8 panel structure but weight quite a bit less. The structure holds the fabric in place by snapping in place before the show, unless you are using both sides with fabric. Delta Metric can be shipped in one standard crate a 16 panels while the typical trade show panel structure you can only hold 8 in a crate (typical crate ). The fabric can be switched out without any big hassles, just snap it on onsite.

Standard stretch fabric systems are made from fabric being stretched over an aluminum frame. The structure is not weight bearing, this leads me to the Delta fabric system. The Delta Fabric has the ability to standalone, you may stack the unit much like a typical wooded exhibit panels. It holds its shape. The fabric maybe snapped into a grove, which make sit drum tight and wrinkle free. No more steaming wrinkled fabric on sight. Connecting panels to each other is as easily as using an Allen wrench, which will take approximately a few minutes to do.

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