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How to Increase Reader Loyalty On Your Blog

Aug 14, 2008
Seems like almost everyone has a blog these days. A lot of profitable niches have developed, and it's no secret that blogging is big business. With so much competition in nearly every area, you have to pay attention and be proactive to ensure that you get your share of the market. Do you know how to increase reader loyalty on your blog? Can you develop a site that puts you ahead of the rest and gives people a reason to return?

Make Reading Your blog A Habit They Can't Shake

It may seem obvious, but the most important thing that you can do to endear yourself to your readers is to give them a steady supply of great, original content. That means plenty of entertainment and value packed into an easy to read format. Don't forget to make your words positive. Negativity turns people off and readers away. If you can perfect all that, you'll turn the blog reader into a junkie for your words. They won't be able to resist coming back for more.

Feed The Habit

Once you get those repeat returns, don't ignore them! Use your brilliant copy to encourage comments, and be sure that you respond. Answer any questions posed, and make a remark or two about notes left. Don't forget to thank anyone who takes the time and trouble to leave a few words. Make sure your loyal followers know that you appreciate them, and they'll respond in kind.

Get Them Addicted

Another way to give your readers warm, fuzzies about you and your blog is to link to them. Allow hyperlinking of their name, have a sidebar list of recent visitors with the hyperlinked name, or if appropriate, occasionally incorporate a reader's link into your copy, making sure that you do it in such a way that it makes sense, of course. Your popularity will skyrocket with readers who will feel like they're part of your "club". You'll have spotlighted them and made them feel important. That's like gluing a person to your blog.

Seal A Bonus Deal

If you want to go one step further, then surprise your loyal readers by visiting their blogs or sites and leaving comments. You may even want to invite some of the more talented folks to submit a guest post. You'll be building relationships that will last a long time, assuming you continue good care.

Get The Word Out

It probably goes without saying, but make it easy for people to sign up for email alerts. You've gone to all the trouble of making a really good blog and taking good care of those who read it, so now encourage them to leave their names and email addresses in a simple and easy to find form. Let them know that their life will be made simpler by taking a second to go to the trouble. Every time you post a new entry, they will receive a notification in their inbox, complete with handy link back to your blog. Initially, if it's a new blog, you may only get a few, but if you're providing a really good, useful read, the numbers will continue to grow and grow.

Not all people are into using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds yet, but it's a good idea to make the option available for those who aren't shy to use it and for those who dislike signing up for emails. You may still get some of the traffic with the feed button that would otherwise be missed. As it is automatic and time saving, there will be some for whom this quick method will be perfect.

So, now you know how to increase reader loyalty on your blog. If you follow the suggestions in this article, you will have a dedicated group of readers who will support you for a long time to come.

Happy blogging!
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