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Non-Profit Email Marketing Solutions for Zoos and Small Theme Parks

Aug 14, 2008
Non-profit email marketing make promoting your theme park or local zoo really easy and cost effective! Through user-friendly email marketing solutions, your theme park and zoo will have a professionally designed campaign that is designed to attract great numbers of contacts to sign up for season's passes or increase turnstile sales.

As an owner or operator of a theme park or zoo, even if you have no tech experience, you can easily create a catchy email marketing solutions design that can save you hundreds of dollars in advertising. While television and prints ads can run you out of an advertising budget, non-profit email marketing solutions campaigns cost as little as $10 to send out a thousand emails. Plus, with print and television, you are paying thousands, while hoping the people who need to see your ad have been enticed by the medium you are using. With email marketing solutions, you are directly targeting YOUR audience for just a few dollars.

In order to start saving thousands of dollars on of your advertising budget, all you need to do is have an effectively designed non-profit email marketing solutions campaign. The key for small theme parks and local zoos is to include various pictures to indicate the most popular attractions, games, food displays and animals. Also, having a section for upcoming attractions, concerts and promotional discounts will bring in excited customers and their friends into your theme park or zoo.

Non-profit email marketing solutions come equipped with a "forward-to-friends" button and tracking. This will allow you to expand your mailing list or segment your audiences for future campaigns. With a "forward-to-friends" button, all your subscribers that have friends who enjoy the same thrill-seeking amusement, or have children who love animals, can send your email on so that they are arriving at your gates in tandem. No one goes to an amusement park or zoo alone!

By having a tracking beacon, all those great images that you will upload into your non-profit email marketing solutions campaign will have links attached to them. Through these links you will be able to track specifically which of your subscribers are interested in the attractions you offer. This is a tremendous benefit for future campaigns. Now you know exactly what your customers love and want, and can target them accordingly.

Non-profit email marketing solutions will save your small amusement park and local zoo thousands in advertising costs and bring in more clients. Through a professionally designed non-profit email marketing solutions campaign, you are directly targeting you audience, bringing in more people to your ticket gates and getting them to sign up for season passes. By having this consistently growing revenue and saving on your advertising budget, you are creating a consistent growth pattern that will have you competing with bigger theme parks and zoos in no time. The more revenue you earn, the better your attractions. The better your attractions, the more people you'll be able to bring into your establishment. This means more revenues for you, and so on and so on. Non-profit email marketing solutions are truly one sweet ride!
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Robert Burko is the President of Elite Email, the complete non-profit email marketing solutions package used by zoos and amusement parks around the world. You can deploy comprehensive email marketing for your upcoming attractions with a no risk free trial. Start harnessing the power of email marketing today!
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