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Minimize Redundant Tasks In Your Home Based Business And Spend Your Time In Moneymaking Activities

Carina Franco
Aug 14, 2008
A few days ago I was talking to my friend Hubert about his new job as a copy machine seller.

He was given his own territory, and what he has to do is drive, park his car and walk, yes walk door to door to all the businesses in the area. He has to introduce himself and check if they have a need of a copy machine. All this effort for their business card in return.

After doing that for a large percentage of his week, he still has some office work to do. He has to follow up on the businesses he visited on previous weeks, organize all the information in the computer and map out the area he will walk in the next days.

He is in this company because he knows that his boss, after 10 years of doing this, is making over $250,000 a year. Most people just dream about this kind of money. He also has a salary of $2,000 a month and car expenses paid for (gas, parking, etc.) that helps him to get going. Nevertheless, this salary is not enough to support his family and for that reason he is working a second job.

If my friend could have somebody that collects and organizes all the information of the business, sorts out who might be interested in his services and even make the presale presentation for him, leaving him the time to follow up with his hot leads, would that system make a difference in his business?

What if I was to tell you that you could have access to that type of marketing system?

Yes, due to the advancements of the Internet, now you can get into a home based-business which will solve the first part of the equation. They will pre-sell for you, so you do not have to do the hard task of convincing and explaining over and over. In some cases; they will also train you in how to attract prospects and visitors to your presale page and even organize them in your back office. They also provide you support.

Warning, these previous aspects (pre-selling, training on how to get traffic and support) are the minimum you should expect for a home based business.

However, there are a few pieces missing here. Ok, you have a website that pre-sells, although you have to make sure that they have a good conversion rate of their site. You probably will have ongoing training on how to attract people to your site, but you are a home based business owner, you want to ensure that they provide you with resources that help you to leverage your efforts. You do not want to waste your time posting ads everyday.

Leveraging your efforts will create your leads, but what are you going to do with them? Lets face it, 95% of those will not buy into your opportunity, so you will have to call and qualify all of those leads. This is a challenging task for two main reasons. First it is time consuming. Secondly, you might not have all the information you need to answer all the questions your prospects have. At the end, if you are lucky, just 5% will be a real prospect.

This is kind of what my friend Hubert is doing right now. He is contacting every single business he is getting information from, instead of just working with his hot leads.

As a home based business owner, you will be happy to pay somebody that can help you with this redundant and challenging task. What if you were to have a sales and marketing system that generates, filters and qualifies your leads for you 24.7. What if you also had a team of Trained Sales Professionals who make All Of Your Calls and Close Sales for you without paying a salary?

What if you could spend 90% of your time serving your customers or growing your home based business? What if you could work less, and make more money? Would you be interested?
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