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Privacy Codes - How to Hide Certain Areas on Myspace

Aug 14, 2008
There are many codes that can be used to help protect your identity on MySpace. These codes can be used for hiding certain parts of your profile from public viewing. While many people and groups do crave attention and popularity on MySpace, others prefer their profile being kept private from everyone who isn't a close friend.

You may already be aware that you can set your profile on private by editing your profile settings. There are also codes you can find on MySpace resource sites that will hide your profile from anyone who isn't your friend. One thing that people still don't like about privacy settings is that anyone can still send private messages, even people who aren't their friends. If you don't like the idea of your contact table being viewed by everyone, there are codes you can use to keep it hidden as well.

If you don't want to keep your entire profile private, but still would like to hide your top 8 friends, there are 'hide friends' codes you can use as well. This will protect the identities of your top friends from people you don't know or like. It will also keep you from having to pick and choose the 'top 8' amongst your friends.

There are also codes that can be used to keep your status invisible whenever you log on. If you don't wish for anyone, even your friends, to know when you're logged on, just use a 'hide online status' code. Of course you may already be familiar with the editing profile options for your MySpace page. You can easily and quickly edit your privacy options. You can choose to do this or use a copy and paste a 'hide online status' code from a MySpace codes site. There is also a code that you can use that will conceal your last login time.

You can easily conceal your personal information and about me settings from people you don't know. If you don't want to convey what type of interests you have, there are codes you can obtain from MySpace codes sites that will hide that specific part of your profile. You can also find a MySpace survey to fill out to use on your profile if you don't like MySpace's default settings. There are thousands of MySpace quizzes, tests, and surveys on the web.

There is another interesting MySpace code used to hide comments. Many people choose to keep their comments private. Hiding comments also helps a profile page to load faster, and it eliminates worry about oversized comments taking up a large portion of your page.

You are now aware of several different ways you can protect your MySpace profile and identity from strangers. It's possible to hide the personal parts of your profile while keeping your MySpace layout interesting. How you don't have to worry about unwanted strangers looking at your MySpace page.
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