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Increasing internet sales from your web site

Aug 14, 2008
Do you fall in to the trap of putting all your investment into web site design and let it end there? Many people do and then wonder why they see no return on their investment.

In the course of our work we see so many sites that don't make the final step that would add sales and profits to their bottom line. The potential today is stronger than ever with internet sales predicted to rise this year alone by 38%

There are 2 different approaches you take according to whether you sell services or products, and we will suggest how you start to increase your internet sales

If you have a range of 1,000 products we would like you to start by writing out an article of 400 words for each of these products.

Now although this might seem a huge task, we suggest you start by taking 10 important products and write up your 400 words on it. You could use product brochures etc to give more info. Just think of the power that 1,000 articles all on your website, can do if they start to capture sales.You see, the more specific the product the more likely they are to translate into internet sales.

If you sell a service, then a good starting point to look at your web stats which will show you exactly what words and phrases people are finding you on just now. Also, you can use Google external keyword tool to give you scores of phrases together with the search volumes on each. With this info you are ready to start writing an article on each phrase and post them to your site on a weekly basis.

Posting article on a regular on going basis is a proven method of establishing your authority in your market, in Google's eyes. What this will mean also, is that you are setting up a very large net to capture traffic that is likely to be interested in your service.

Follow these suggestions through and you will see your site visitors grow.The time to start this work is now because it becomes much easier and more ingrained over time. It is the start of a proven technique for eventually increasing your internet sales
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Increase your internet sales by following these proven formulae. Free videos show you further steps you can take to tune up your company site and increase your internet sales in internet marketing.
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