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The art of holding a Cuban Cigar

Aug 14, 2008
Don't just light your favorite Cuban cigar and place it in your mouth, you have to learn how to appreciate and properly enjoy it. Cuban cigars are not something you take lightly and they should be taken care of just like you would take care of your little babies. This completely hand rolled phenomenon is truly a gift from the heaves above and in this article, you will learn how to hold that favorite Cuban cigar of your properly.

Now most people don't think that it's that much big of a deal. However, than again, most people aren't really as sophisticated as Cuban cigar smokers. Cuban cigar smokers are a rare breed of individuals known to getting things done. They work hard and play harder. They pay attention to detail and are stylish individuals.

You see, some people might say that the best way of smoking or holding a Cuban cigar is any way you like, but than you are going to miss out on the flavor and more importantly on the whole experience of smoking a fine hand rolled Cuban cigar. Their is an art and that art is something that not many Cuban cigar rollers are aware of. Yes even the professionals are misguided when it comes to holding the Cuban cigar.

Simply take your index finger and your middle finger and place it on the top side of your Cuban cigar. Than bring in your thumb to form a sort of 'clamp' on the cigar. Don't squeeze too hard or you might damage it and don't hold too soft or your cigar just might fall out. The grip has to be ever so perfect and smooth so you get the best drag from your very own favorite Cuban cigar.

Cuban cigars have encyclopedia's dedicated to them because their is just so much to learn. You have to understand that it is a tradition that goes back years and years and it actually part of the Cuban heritage. Cuban tobacco is the best in the world and absolutely nothing about it should be taken lightly.
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