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Use Your eBooks To Cross-Promote on Your Competitions Products

Aug 14, 2008
Creating an eBook allows you to use it to cross-promote it as a free bonus with another person's services or products.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking to yourself, 'What is he talking about?'It may sound a bit weird at first, but I mean exactly that. Approach people who are selling competitive products by asking them if they would like to add to their current package.

You are giving them a very easy way to add value to their existing products or packages, which is something people are always interested in doing for their customers.

You may be thinking, well what is in it for you? This will allow you to cross-promote your products or services.

It seems pretty simple. You talk about your own products and services within the pages of the eBook and gain customers right?

You have to make sure that you don't make your eBook one big promotion for your own product or service or nobody will take you seriously and it's doubtful your competition will bundle it with their own package to begin with.

When I am teaching people the mechanics of creating their first eBook one of the strategies I teach is how to integrate cross promotion within it without it sounding like a sales pitch. I want you to think on that road too because you can still inform people of your products without making them seem like your constantly selling them something.

You want to make sure that your first and primary focus is giving quality information. Doing that is a sales tactic all on its own. People will learn to know, like and trust you on their own. Of course, it doesn't hurt to throw a few links and information about your products though! :)

You need to be constantly thinking, "How could you use the eBook to cross promote your products or services, but yet by giving away to your competitors or businesses that market themselves to the same particular target market, so that they could add value to their customers, yet you still get a kickback by providing people information about what you do, therefore generating leads".

When you are creating your eBook, really try to brainstorm other methods on how you can use it. This one strategy of cross-promotion is just one of many.

Ideas will come to you when you explore the possibilities of creativity!
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