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Five Ways to Make Fast Easy Money

Aug 14, 2008
People from around the world perform all manner of tasks and transactions to earn a living. Some ways to make money are easier, faster and and considerably less stressful than others. Here are five ways to legally make fast easy money no matter who you are or where you might live.

Consulting to Businesses and Professional Clients

With the number of companies now outsources aspects of doing their business along with the reduction or down-sizing of their in-house staff, specialized consulting is now a profitable venture that you can use to make fast easy money.

Such services as technical and advertising or press release writing, accounting, bookeeping, janitorial and window cleaning are just a handful of the many possibilities.

Providing Accounting Services

With the importance of financial accounting and bookeeping to a company's business profile, this is a great way to make money if you have these types of skills and qualifications. You can opt to work under private contract, part time or during selected hours that suit your lifestyle. The choice is frequently yours.

Desktop Publishing

Use your writing and editing skills to pick up writing work often contracted out or outsourced by cash-strapped companies. Desktop publishing allows you to use your PC to perform a wide variety of technical writing, or business copy editing tasks many times even from your own home. If graphic design is your forte, then by all means add and offer these services to your repetiore of credentials for clients.

Become an Information Broker or Researcher working Temporary Contract Services

Businesses thrive on information. They usually just don't have the personnel to do the necessary research, investigation and reporting of the myriad of facts, figures and comparisons they need to have in order to remain profitable entities. This where you come in. Why not offer your contract services to perform these specialized tasks, saving the company money and allowing you to make fast easy money for doing so? You'll need good conections at your local library as well as up-to-date internet research skills.

Arrange Tours and Vacation Retreats

In this harried, over-stressed, workaday world, almost everyone soon needs a vacation to avoid excessive stress, work overload and burnout. So what's the solution? A short vacation or retreat. Your job then is to put together these relaxing but informative or even educational packages and offer them to a wide variety of business and professional clients. Usually these are a week or less in duration, but can on occasion be longer. Functioning as part travel agent, part therapist and part business executive, this can be a lucrative field for those with the patience and skills to manage assembling attractive, unique packages.

Which One is for You?

Consider any one of these five ways to make fast easy money that will allow you to alter and improve your life style. Choose a way that fits the knowledge, experience and resources you might have available and just go for it.
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