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How To Avoid Having Your Website Penalized Or Even Banned By Google - Part One

Aug 17, 2007
New internet marketers frequently complain about having no idea why their websites have been banned by Google. The majority of these people claim they have absolutely no idea why they have been banned or penalized. The only thing they are 100 percent sure of is that their website no longer exists in the Google search engine.

There are many on page and off page search engine optimization factors that can result in Google penalizing or even banning your website. Let me deal with some on page optimization strategies that can get you banned by Google. I will explain some off page optimization strategies in more detail later. Now many webmasters actually use these "black hat SEO" strategies in the belief that it will actually result in a high ranking in search engines. As far as I am aware this is simply not the case. They may get away with it for a period of time but ultimately Google will probably find them out and ban them as a result.

If you or someone you know incorporates some of these SEO techniques there are far more simple and affordable small business SEO techniques and strategies that will result in top rankings on Google and you will never get penalized or banned by Google.

Hidden text is an on page optimization SEO technique that some webmasters use to incorporate keywords on their pages which are actually "invisible" to visitors to their website but not to Google. Hidden text is visible by clicking control and "a" on your keyboard when visiting a certain web page. These keywords are invisible for the sole reason that the colour of the text has been made the same colour as the page of the website. For example, if the page has a white background then the text colour is configured to white. There are actually websites that have high rankings that do use this black hat SEO technique, however, why risk being penalized or ultimately banned by Google when you could get to number 1 of Google and stay there indefinitely through legitimate means. Every day these websites have the potential of being banned by Google. For a number 1 website, why would you or anyone else take the risk? There are far more powerful search engine optimization tricks and tips that work with no penalization.

Spamming your alt image tag with keywords is another way you put your website at risk with on page optimization SEO strategies. It is critical to use the alternative text in your alt images as I have explained on a previous occasion. A recommended way of doing this is just using your main keyword once! An example of spamming your alt image tag that could result in heavy penalties by Google includes stuffing your alt image tag with too many keywords. An example of this would be:

Home made dog treats, treats for dogs, recipes for dog treats, low fat home made dog treats, home made dog treat recipes, low fat home made dog treat recipes, food for dogs, home made dog food, home made dog food recipes, low fat home made dog food recipes.

I think you get the idea! Notice how many times the alternative text example above uses keywords related to dog food. The idea behind alternative text in image tags is to assist blind people navigating webpages. Spamming your alt image tags serves no purpose at all and could ultimately get you penalized or even banned by Google. A better example to use the image tag is by simply typing in "home made dog treats".

Cramming your page title tag with a repeat of the same keyword is another way you risk being penalized by Google. An example of this would be having a title that said home made dog treats, home made dog treats, home made Dog treats, Home Made Dog Treats, etc. As previously discussed, you should only place your main keyword once in the page title. Doing it anymore than that can result in serious penalties.

Overstuffing your keyword metatags is another way you could catch the eye of Google, for all the wrong reasons. This is done by repeating the same one keyword over and over again in your keyword meta tags. An example of this would be affordable small business SEO, affordable Small Business seo, Affordable Small Business Seo, AFFORDABLE SMALL BUSINESS SEO.

These are just a handful of what people do online that ultimately can result in being banned by Google. A fraction of these people may not be aware that what they are doing is wrong, others may not be so innocent. I would highly recommend that if you or anyone else you know is using any of these black hat SEO techniques and strategies that you immediately stop before it's too late. When there are so many affodable, economical and effective SEO techniques and strategies that can actually result in a number 1 ranking on Google that would never put you or your website at risk, why would you take the risk?
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