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Hosting With Inexpensive and Cheap Web Hosting

Aug 14, 2008
You need to sign up with hosting account if you want to host your web site. Due to the limited budget, many people want to host with inexpensive web hosting company. Is it fine to host a site with cheapest web hosting company? Have you ever think about it before purchasing. In this article, I am going to discuss that topic.

Since you are doing serious business online, you cannot trust on free hosting account. Free hosting company will give certain types of ads on your web site to compensate the hosting expenses. You don't want anybody to give ads on your web site. Also free hosting company can ban you at any time. So your efforts in making and promoting your web site will be wasted. To avoid this, you will start searching of good web hosting company. Now since you are on limited budget, you will look for inexpensive or cheap web hosting company to host your web site.

Well, there is nothing wrong with cheap web hosting company. Not all cheap web hosting companies are bad. In fact, you may get a good deal with inexpensive hosting. However there are few things you should check to avoid future problems with your hosting account.

First thing is reliability. Is your web hosting company reliable? Is your hosting company compromise with the service to give a cheap hosting? If company is unable to provide uptime at 99% or above then it's not a good company. If your web site is not up when visitor is visiting then the visitor will immediately close the browser and your visitor won't come again to check your web site. Getting a visitor to your web site is not an easy task. You don't want to lose any visitor due to down time.

Support is also as much important as reliability. Make sure that company is providing good support either through email or through phone. If you are not getting help when you really need it, it's not good for your business. If you are getting response immediately but not getting solution of your problem then also it's of no use. So make sure that the company has a good support system.

Next important thing is a backup. You data are the most valuable thing in the online business. If company is not providing backup then you will have to take backup yourself. Now you don't want to waste half of your valuable time in taking backup of your data every day. Well, I would suggest taking a backup yourself once a month even though company is providing backup.

Your hosting plan should be scalable. You should be able to upgrade your hosting plan as per your need and without much difficulty. If company is not offering scalability then you will have to change the hosting company when your user base increases. Changing a hosting company is not an easy task. It's a very difficult job.

You should have a full control of your account. For example, take .htaccess control. You will definitely need .htaccess control in future. So make sure you have all required access available even though you require it in future.

Not all cheap web hosting companies provide above features. If you find an inexpensive web hosting with all above features, money spend on it are well worth.
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