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Still Paying For Traffic?

Aug 14, 2008
The formula is simple. More traffic equals more sales. While the formula is easy to understand, getting people to visit your website can be quit a challenge. This may explain why many new webmasters end up buying junk traffic.

In this short article, I will reveal the strategy many top internet marketers are using to drive tons of free traffic to their blogs and websites. Before we begin, you must realize that there are different types of traffic.

One form of traffic is called accidental traffic. These are people that put in the wrong website address or clicked the wrong link on another page. While it is fine to have accidental traffic, it's not quality traffic. Most likely, these visitors will not be interested in what you have to offer. They may stay a bit and browse your pages and then realize they clicked the wrong link and quickly exit.

Paid traffic is yet another type of traffic that will not help your business. Think about it this way, do you really want people who are being paid to visit your website. Many new website owners are looking for a quick fix. They want traffic and are willing to pay for it. What you must realize is that those visitors do not care about your products, or services. They have joined incentive programs where they earn rewards for clicking on ads that forward them to your website.

The top internet marketers have been keeping a secret from you. They have been quietly driving massive amounts of quality traffic without paying a dime. The strategy they use is called viral marketing.

Receiving referrals from your visitors can do wonders for your bottom line. This is the best type of traffic since the invitees have been warmed up and are genuinely interested in your website.

A recent survey found that more than half of Internet users had visited websites referred by friends or family members in the previous 30 days. The popular social networking giant Myspace, encourages new members to invite friends to join. This is accomplished by using an address book importer, which allows the visitors to securely import contacts from all the major web mail services.

Is this quality traffic? Is this the type of traffic you want? Absolutely.

Referral marketing is the quickest way to generate an enormous amount of quality traffic. These visitors will be more receptive to your offer because somebody they know and trust has endorsed your business. As a result, the odds of making the sale are much better. How much better? Some studies say 300%

Don't waste your time with programs that only deliver junk traffic. You and your website deserve real traffic with real people who actually want to be there. This is a much better approach than paying for traffic since visitors are more likely to make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter. Give viral marketing a chance, you will not be disappointed.
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