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3 Steps To Buy Positive Feedback

Aug 14, 2008
Getting started on eBay your feedback is extremely important to success buying or selling. Feedback impacts your ability to sell more than your ability to buy, but it has a significant impact on both. eBay won't let you sell an item using a buy it now unless you have ten positive feedback. I'll show you how to buy feedback to help you get started.

Without the "Buy it Now" option, you do't give your customers the ability to buying your item on impulse. They have to wait for the auction to finish, just like everyone else. That can be terribly inconvenient. Also, people tend to not trust a seller that has a low feedback rating. Thus, it is imperative that your feedback rating is exceptional. Also, if you ever want to be a power seller, you need a very high feedback rating.

So, if you want to be able to sell things, you need great feedback, but to get feedback you need to find a way sell things right? Wrong. You can get positive feedback from buying things! The quickest and easiest way is to buy inexpensive items that are say below a dollar.

One other idea is that you could buy items on eBay and then sell them again. This could be really useful if you see something that you can buy cheap, but you can sell for more by changing the listing. If done properly, this technique should allow you to at least break even, or limit your cost to buy positive feedback.

You also are improving your online selling skills at the same time. The other great thing about selling the things you buy on eBay again on eBay is that you know that there are willing buyers out there. After all, you just bought that item too didn't you?

The last trick is the least obvious and the most sneaky. Do a search on eBay for "positive feedback" and you'll likely come across an auction that is selling positive feedback indirectly. Essentially what the seller is selling is an automatic positive feedback to your account.

Some sellers might actually print out a piece of paper with a cool design and mail it too you, but mostly it is a way to sell a positive feedback rating without getting in trouble with eBay. Many positive feedback auctions sell for about $1 each, so to get the twenty feedback you need to get off the ground will cost you about twenty bucks.

One word of caution, if you are buying positive feedback, try not to go overboard with it. Get enough that you can sell effectively without spending too much time or money. If your goal is to sell things on eBay for a profit, having stellar feedback is just one part of the equation, it's not the golden ticket to your success. The secret to that is hard work, determination, and luck.
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Brian is an positive feedback loving eBay fanatic. He loves finding interesting online auctions and sharing them at http://www.onlineauction.me/blog/.
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