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What Gets Noticed First the Car Or the Graphic?

Aug 14, 2008
Out on the street it is not extremely typical to see a vehicle with mobile advertising, so the question stands, which do you, notice first the type of vehicle and the color or the graphics on the vehicle?

Vehicle graphics have long been a way to have a business noticed, it is also used to promote products and even television programs or movies. These vehicle graphics can be either a permanent type or they can be a vinyl graphic. They can also be as simple or as intricate as the company would like them to be and feels would be noticed.

Vehicle graphics for this type of advertising can be a small banner or can cover the entire vehicle and they can even be in the form of a vinyl bumper sticker. No matter what size the advertisement is the important thing is that the graphics catch the eye of the person or driver on the street and that it clearly represents the business it is advertising.

If it were a bland no color or unexciting graphic it would not catch the target audience and that would be a waste of advertising. This is true even with vinyl graphics that are often found on business vehicles, they might only be a door sign but have a logo or some type of eye catching slogan or graphic. This is to make a pedestrian or motorist remember the graphic or the phone number that is on this type of vinyl advertising.

Vehicle graphics and vinyl graphics are a proven way to mass advertise, this is a way of reaching people that would not ordinarily seek a business out. It is also a way that is effective and cost efficient for a business that is just getting off the ground can make use of this type of advertising to lure new customers or clients into their business.

When the graphics are done in a manner that they are memorable that also means that people will remember the business, tell their friends and visit the business so that makes it an effective form of advertising.

One of the best features about the vinyl graphics is the fact that they can be taken off of the vehicle with ease and leave no trace of having been on the vehicle. This means that work vehicle, company or business vehicles that use vinyl graphics for advertising their business also have the advantage of taking them off when it is time to sell or trade in the vehicle and will have no financial loss on the vehicle because of their advertising.

That of course is not an advantage of permanent graphics so that must also be taken into consideration when vehicle mobile advertising campaign is undertaken. There will be a financial loss on the vehicle when it is time to trade it in or sell the vehicle so the gains and losses should be weighted. There are many companies that the loss does not affect them because of the mileage that is on the vehicle at the time of trade in or sale, along with the gained customers.
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