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Making Money with Vending Machines

Aug 14, 2008
I have been working for years with vending machines, and had a lot of good experience, that's why I want to explain you today, things to consider then dealing with vending machines.

What is the most important part about vending machines? Location, location and location. This is a business where the location of the machines is absolutely critical to the success of the business. The location must attract significant foot traffic. Locations often buy a vending machine that is an overkill for a small account, or they buy an undersized vending machine that requires filling every other day. Even though it is fun pulling the cash out of the machine, you will prefer to do it weekly rather than daily!

Locations tell our distributors everyday that the energy vending machine has cut their coffee bill in half. Our vending machine was made the same size as a coffee pot on purpose. Locations to start vending machine business: Successful locations are restaurants, bowling alleys, skating rinks, shopping malls, Boys and Girls Clubs, Laundromats, theaters, high schools, colleges, markets, coffee shops, banks, automotive centers, taverns, near vegetable markets and apartment complexes.

Always be on the look out for more obscure locations that could prove to be really favorable. Locating through an in-person vending locator will only lead to disaster because most of the time, they are clueless beings who just want to get the job done without caring for your needs. It is better that you secure vending locations through a telemarketer since telemarketers have updated leads and can easily make the call to negotiate with business managers, in different locations, where you want your machines to be placed.

Services are now solely dependent on the consumer, who wants products that are easily accessible with little to no hassle. Due to the demand of machines and the constant rush everyone is in, the vending business has started to reap the benefits, and has answered the desire of our new robotic world with a large variety of national brand name products in vending machines.

Servicing your machines regularly will make your business work. Servicing them takes all of five minutes plus drive time, candy shopping, coin counting, and accounting. Really, I only spend a couple of days a month on my candy business, and I can take a six week vacation if I want without a sweat.

Test your product in the machine to see that your product drops out properly. Find a supplier who will lease you the machines with a good maintenance contract. Test out a location by renting an actual vending machine. There is a friend of mine that I know here in Canada that rents machines out to various vending operator's and companies in our community. You see a perfect example of a good vending machines business.

Investment: The capital investment needed to set up a vending machine business is around $ 5,000. For those thinking of how to start, don't worry much about the initial investment. Invest in a top vending business opportunity from the list below.

You could be earning a potentially lucrative income before you know it! Invest in the process with what fits into your budget. That way you can feel good about your choice and you won't be completely dependent upon great sales to keep your business going.

So good luck with your Vending Machine Business.
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