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Is Business Coaching Really an Investment

Aug 17, 2007
As the business world has become progressively more competitive, the demand for business coaching has also increased. Hiring a business coach is considered to be a very smart investment because it can provide any business a very high return on investment. Most business leaders are under a tremendous amount of pressure, as they have to work very hard to manage their businesses and employees. Business coaching not only helps these leaders work more efficiently but also help them prioritize their goals. In addition, business coaching can also increase the productivity and profitability of any business. A few years ago just a few small businesses used business coaching as a means to enhance their business. But today, most businesses are using coaching because it is a cost effective way of achieving desired results. An experienced business coach can assist a manager in expanding his business, in increasing his profits and in identifying his long-term goals.

Professional business coaches focus all their attention on the business and the goals of the manager and try to set up a plan that can help the business move forward at a faster pace. Business coaches train managers in time management and also teach them various leadership strategies. Fortune 500 companies have also been signing up for business coaching to double or even triple their company productivity. Investing in its own people is the most important investment any business can make. Coaches train managers in business strategies that can work for them in very definite and precise ways. A business coach will set specific goals for the business and then will come up with a plan of action to achieve those goals. There are two basic approaches to coaching, change oriented coaching and growth oriented coaching. Change oriented coaching focuses on changing skills and behaviors while growth oriented coaching focuses on enhancing performance.

Coaching helps to develop personnel skills and individual performance. A business coach can offer new insights into daily business activities and can also help improve new methods and procedures. Companies undertaking business coaching have reported a steady increase in the quality of work. With an increase in productivity and quality, customer complaints will also reduce considerably. Coaching also helps to improve team relationships. It also deals with people issues and enhances human interactions. It is a known fact that satisfied employees always perform better. Business coaching is said to be the fastest way of achieving growth and change in any individual or organization. It is the best way to unleash the maximum potential that each employee possesses.

The cost of business coaching can vary anywhere from a few hundred dollars per month to about $30,000 a year. The cost will vary depending on the size of the company and the services that were provided by the coach. Professional business coaches can be hired to work with employees, managers or both. They can also be hired to act as a counselor or a personal adviser. A business coach is not a contractor. A coach is not paid to do the work for a manager; he is simply paid to help a manager achieve his or her goals. For this, a manager will have to make every effort to achieve those goals and commit a lot of his time and energy.
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