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Online Safety While Shopping For Cheap Bar Stools

Aug 15, 2008
As more and more people move into smaller and smaller living spaces, flats, condos and homes, the need for more practical furniture increases. One of the great things about cheap bar stools is that they tend to have a smaller footprint than most traditional chairs, which clears up valuable space for foot traffic or for other decorating ideas. While most major furniture stores offer a growing selection of bar stools, the best place to buy them is online. Not only is the pricing from most online bar stool retailers very competitive, more and more stores are offering free shipping options to make your shopping experience even better, but there is always the risk of having your card information stolen when you shop online. Here are a few essential tips you can keep in mind the next time you go to buy cheap bar stools online.

While there is no risk in visiting lesser known sites to compare prices and check inventory, when it comes to actually buying your cheap bar stools, it helps to stick to retailers that display logos with companies that run checks to see if the company is abiding by certain laws and used all the up to date security software. You can tell if a website is responsible and reputable fairly easily by comparing how their site looks to more professional, better known sites. If at any point you feel that the company you're dealing with is dishonest or is changing prices after you order without telling you or is gouging you for shipping, it is probably a good idea to skip using that site.

Many websites have the option of completing your order online, receiving an order number and then calling a toll free number to give your billing information and credit card number. Many people choose this option because they feel that giving your credit card number out over the phone instead of online is much safer. You can also pay by check online and even with your debit card in many cases. Buying cheap bar stools online doesn't have to mean you use your credit card.Some shopping sites like Simply Bar Stools still use the option for paying by cheque or Paypal.

Since most credit card statements can now be checked online and update in a matter of days once a purchase has been made, it is much easier to track the usage of your card and tell if your card number has been stolen. If you feel that you've dealt with a website that could be attempting to steal your number, there is nothing wrong with calling ahead to your credit card company so they can put a watch on your account. If any suspicious transactions, other than your cheap bar stools, show up, they can put a lock on your account and no damage will be done. Sometimes, thinking ahead can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

As more and more people buy cheap bar stools online, the threat of having your credit card number stolen increases, but with a few careful steps, you can all but eradicate the chances of this happening to you.And remember make sure the company you choose displays a valid Secure shopping logo. i.e. Safe Buy or Shopperguard.
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Leo Collins is the marketing manager of Simply Bar Stools a leading supplier of Cheap Bar stools . Suitable for all types of Breakfast Bars, Cafe Bars or Kitchen Breakfast Bars.
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