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Aug 17, 2007
Google is not a whatever market place, over 200 million searches are made every single day. It means that it is like a big department store with huge customer flow.

The keywords, which people use when they dig information from Google, are market segments, to which you can target your ads at Google.

When you start to prepare ads at Google, first you have to do a keyword research.

This is very important because people search information at Google using keywords or keyphrases. They are the topics they are interested in.

Normally you can use tens or hundreds of targeted keywords to be able to reach enough prospects. And to test which ones are working at ads in Google. Then just skip those, which did not bring the traffic.

The content of the ads at Google is critical, minor changes can turn the pull up or downwards. Use your best and most related keyword in the headline and once in the bodycopy of your ad.

AdWords ads at Google bring excellent targeted traffic very quickly, even in ours, but the campaign must be planned carefully.

It is useful to remember, that searchers are searching information, they are not prepared to buy right away. Those who are, are tire kickers mostly. By ads at Google you have to build relationships with the clickers.

This makes the landing page important. Do not wait for sale, prepare to build relationships with your ads at Google.

Some sort of a gift on your landing page is the best. It is nice to get gifts, it is a compliment. When a searcher has clicked your link, give him a quality eBook, free marketing course or teleseminar.

The searcher must notice the gift immediately and sign up to your form to be able to get the gift. Nothing boring but colourful pop overs for instance. This makes your ads at Google work.

You can raise the number of buyers strongly by giving them a gift, getting their email address and keeping touch with them with quality autoresponder during a long time.

Your gift have to be like a temptation, too teasing to leave.
If a person clicks once your AdWords ads at Google without living an email address, you have lost him maybe for ever.

It is shocking, how many people use ads at Google, but do not think that building a relationship is the issue. Relationship building is a multi step process. In most cases from 5 to 7 contacts is needed, before the prospect is ready to buy.

You may have heard the term preselling. Preselling means telling the top of the iceberg only and building trust with the prospect. It is very polite to let the prospect to get all the information he wants, before your sales pitch.

Planning ads at Google must be very in detail work. Things must be exactly correct, not almost. In AdWords advertising the experience is a valuable currency. You just have to know the details from your own experience.

There are a lot of useful software, which are impossible to list here because of the rules.
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Juhani Tontti here. It is useful to get some training before you go to Google. Here is a free5 Days AdWords Email Course , which is from Perry Marshall. Hope you like it.
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