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How To Mix The Most Important Ingredients in Marketing Strategy

Aug 15, 2008
It is a common misconception that you need to have an extensive team of professionals that can create the ideal website for you and your business to start booming. The reality is that you know your business, your niche and how your organization fits into these better than any marketing person that you may hire to do your promotion. Of course marketing experts know lots of valuable information about getting your message out there, after all its their job and its likely that you will do much better getting an expert on board to help you in achieving your goals. However, the most crucial person that also needs to spend time promoting your business is you.

Web designers and marketing specialists can help you develop just the kind of website that will see your sales go through the roof, but they also need your input. No one knows your business better than you, and if you do not take the time to share that knowledge with the experts to help them sell your unique business attributes, then you could literally be selling your business short.

All marketing is focused on generating more sales, and for this reason you want to be involved with helping the marketer achieve this goal. Outsourcing marketing lets you get an expert to assist you in this process, but the most important thing that you can give to the marketer is your time and knowledge of your business and your products. The significance of this is that most small to mid sized businesses have three primary internet marketing options available to them; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), or Blogging & Social Media Marketing. So lets look at why you need to be actively involved in marketing via these methods.

One common misconception is that SEO is something that your website designer will do for you, but thinking this way is a bad trap to fall into. You will need to be commited to doing ongoing work on your SEO, sourcing new keywords, updating older ones and refining which words you select. This is important because consumer trends can change over time and new developments in products may cause a shift in your business focus. All of these reasons are why you, the business owner and specialist in your area, need to be certain that your SEO remains up to date with what your business is doing. It will be worth your while to take a little time to fully understand the SEO process and how you can make it work for your business, long after your web page designers have finished putting your site together.

The most efficient form of advertising for many small to medium sized businesses is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This does not necessarily take a lot of time to implement, but a remarkably large number of people do not know how to effectively implement tracking on their PPC advertising. The key here is that as with the other forms of marketing mentioned, you need to dedicate the necessary time to get this to work. Establishing a PPC campaign necessitates you to monitor it effectively to ensure that you are tracking your ROI and are able to implement the necessary updates and fine tuning of your campaign to truly generate the sales you are looking for.

Finally, if you are looking at doing social media marketing or blogging then you really need to be prepared to dedicate the time required to making these work. The unique advantage of these forms of marketing stem from the personalized nature of them, so this is your chance to get your message heard and be certain that you are demonstrating the dynamism and skills that you particularly have as a business person. Both blogging and social media are the kind of tools that require a good blend of marketing, sales, networking and writing skills to ensure success. The personalized nature of these things makes it impossible to truly outsource this, so being committed to dedicating the time necessary is again crucial to the success. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that this is time well spent.

There is no defined amount of time that you can nominate as the ideal or target amount to achieve success. Basically you need to focus on making sure that your time is well spent. The key element that the business owner brings is their knowledge, and the only real measure of success will come if you have implemented good measures of ROI. As a rule stay focused on what you wish to achieve, be sure that you have the necessary measurement tools in place and accept that as with many things, the more time you dedicate the more positive the results you will generate.
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