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Aug 15, 2008
Are you looking for work from home ideas and opportunities? There are two places which would provide you with excellent resources: The internet, which would have hundreds if not thousands of choices for you, and your local government departments. You need to research carefully before you seek such work, by looking inwards to your strengths and weaknesses. Make a list of at least five major strengths you think you posses (you could list qualifications, experience and soft skills). Next, list five weaknesses in the same manner. This will help you gain perspective on what you could take up to use as work from home. Avoid all those things that highlight or depend mostly on your weaknesses; choose those which are enhanced by your qualifications and skills.

The internet has a wealth of resources, among which work from home ideas and opportunities are quite popular. Run a search with these same words typed in the search bar, and voila! You will get a rather long list of resources from which to choose. Open a few at random, and get the idea of what they say. Once you get the hang of it, scan and search the 'net until you find about 4-5 interesting business ideas. A word of warning here, do not rush in headlong to pay and buy ideas and advice. In most cases, these so called expert advice sheets are not worth the fee charged. Rather, aim at really finding ideas by reading and researching on the stories and offers you find through your search.

Visit your local government departments; this is a great way to find out about work from home ideas and opportunities, since many of these departments have some amazing schemes that encourage self-employment and micro-scale entrepreneurship. Check the grants angle, as well, while you are in this area. Many government departments offer grants (which you would not to repay) to promote certain types of business ventures in different states. In this way, besides the idea and the opportunity, you also get finance which you need not return. Could it be any better?

As a matter of fact, yes. You could also look at the role of an intermediary between a manufacturer or wholesaler and the target market segment. In this way, you could get the opportunity of marketing through the 'net with the tools and techniques offered by the manufacturer/wholesaler, while you walk away with the profit. These types of work from home ideas and opportunities come under the term affiliate marketing, which is at present one of the best ways to create multiple streams of residual income. Residual income, over time, will earn your money for you without the necessity of your input. There is one condition here, though. You would need to put in 200% effort in the initial stages, and nurture it carefully until it starts paying back.

You could choose any of the work from home ideas and opportunities you find offline or online, provided you take baby steps initially, until you learn the ropes and are confident about what you are doing. Until that time, wisdom and self-preservation instincts should dictate that you proceed with caution.
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