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Making Money With Affiliate Programs Is Now Easier Than Ever Before

Aug 15, 2008
Everywhere you go online today there is an opportunity to make money. And, affiliate programs are no exception. Almost every single site you go on has one. You either go to a single site or you can visit affiliate hubs. If you choose to go to a single site simply look for affiliate program affiliate ship or associate program. If you choose to forgo the single site you can choose affiliate hubs. An affiliate hub, by definition is a website that contains everything you could possibly ever need for affiliate ships. Not only do they have tens of thousands of affiliate programs to choose from, but they also have banner links, text links, statistics, and much more.

In my opinion affiliate hubs are the best place to go if you're looking for an affiliate ship. There are several different affiliate hubs you can visit online but two of my favorite ones are: Kolimbo and Linkshare. Both of these sites have been around for several years but less people seem to know about Kolimbo than they do about link share.

Link share is a little confusing to figure out at first, but if you feel your way around you will eventually get used to it. Link share offers a ton of different "offers" from well-known affiliates such as wine, Iwin, ToysrUs, CompUSA, etc as well as some other unknown sites (to me anyway). The great thing about both of these sites is that all of the affiliates on the site or legitimate. Sites like link share do all the work for you and me as how to get paid, making sure the sites are legit, the sites are legal, etc.

This site offers another thing called storefronts, which I really like. These storefronts are to be put on your website directly to show what each affiliate ship has. Its like a mini store right on your site. So, for instance, if I have a website and it's an electronic website a good affiliate for me would be something like CompUSA. For the store front of CompUSA, what I'll have is different products I can choose from to put in my storefront. So, say people go to my electronics website, they don't just see the stuff that's on my site. They also see all the stuff that comes from CompUSA within the little "mini store". Most of the time when you choose to be with an affiliate program or you choose a store find you get to choose what you want in the storefront.

Kolimbo has been around since 1999. This is one of the original open affiliate directories. Kolimbo offers a lot of the same options as link share, but they offer a lot more too. For instance say you want to find all the advertisers on Kolimbo that you can get paid for doing CPM offers. You simply do a search for CPM programs or search directly under the CPM tab and you will find all the CPM programs. The types of programs that Kolimbo offers are:

Pay per sale
Pay per lead
Pay per visit
Pay per click
Pay per impression
Pay second tier commissions
Allow e-mail marketing
UK programs

I belong to both of these programs and have for some time, and they have brought me great success. There are also several other affiliate hubs or open affiliate directories such as Amazon, which is one I also use. Another great thing about these sites, is that they are very organized. You keep all your programs all your stats, all your information in one place. It's much nicer than jumping around to 50 different sites to figure out your affiliate revenue or stats. All these sites are really good sites to use or try out the next time your looking for something like this online.

Good luck with your search and your success! Oh by the way all of these programs I have listed are completely free, and most of the time when you visit an affiliate site, and they have an affiliate program that you can join it should be free!
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