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How To Increase Sales By 25% Instantly

Aug 15, 2008
According to some experts, website visitors will only spend 25 - 45 seconds on your sales page. That's not even enough time to brush your teeth properly.

Remember, you only have seconds to convince the visitor that your website is worthwhile and informative. Sadly, the majority of sales pages, do not get the job done.

Sure, you could hire a professional copywriter to re-work your sales page. Then all you have to do is keep testing different copy versions until you either run out of money or you hit upon the winning combination of words.

Or you could give the reader a gentle "slap in the face" and call their attention back to your site when they try to leave.

Stopping your visitors is a good option, but earlier attempts did not produce good results.

Here are three reasons why exit grab technology is so powerful. This new technology can prevent visitors from leaving your sales page.

1. The amazing aspect of this technology is that it's advanced programming prevents browsers from blocking it. Best of all, it does not depend on basic JavaScript functions.

2. This technology is so advanced that it actually knows when visitors are trying exit and when they are simply visiting a different part of your website.

3. Once activated, your visitor will have no choice but to stop and read your last minute offer.

The best part about exit grab technology is that it works.

One of the most exciting aspects of this new technology is it's ability to monitor mouse movements. If your visitor keeps his mouse on the live area of your site, nothing happens. However, if your visitors tries to exit by moving his mouse to the top of the page, towards the x button, exit grab technology goes to work and displays a predefined message in the center of the screen.

This message can do wonders for your bottom line. You can offer a last minute offer, a free ebook or anything you want. Remember, this may be your last opportunity to save the sale.
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