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Should Rent or Purchase your next trade show displays?

Aug 15, 2008
As trade shows become more popular, we see an increase in the cost to exhibit at trade shows. Many exhibitors are searching for ways to cut their exhibiting cost. Exhibitors are faced with the decision whether to purchase or whether to rent their next trade show booth

You can have many choices in renting a booth. The main two that exhibitors are faces with is: 1) Renting a both from the show contractors , which is usually some metal and panel system 2) Renting from some exhibit house which some time rent from a readymade inventory. Both of these ideas are great solutions but the problem with this is that you begin to look just like any other exhibitor on t he trade show floor

There is an alternate choice which is to rent a custom trade show display. There are a few trade show display house that do provide this kind of service. The service consists of providing you the exhibitor with a fully customized trade show booth. The look will be totally unique to you the exhibitor. It still carries the advantages of a standard rental exhibit booth except you now have a custom trade show booth unique to your company.

First, it was the small exhibitors who would take advantage of such program, but now, even the larger and more seasoned exhibitors are renting. Why? Savings on Transportation, Storage cost, Less time-consuming . Overall, a great budget booster. Imagery is one of the main things companies endeavor to uphold, but gradually changes in the industry have shown many participants the advantages of going ?the rental way? without sacrificing company image or quality nor integrity of display booth.

Some of the companies that have joined the ranks of renting customized booth are now adding fully customized items with in these rental booths. This helps to set their booth off from he standard rental booth. The programs program in which exhibitors are leaning more towards is the multi-rental exhibit program.

Multi-Rental exhibit programs, this is when and exhibitor has to use rental booth more than 5 times or numerous amounts of times over the 3 years period. Each time the exhibitor uses the booth the cost drops (based on the original layout). This is a great solution providing that you do not wish to have any obligation to storage as well as refurbishment. It is recommended that you review your cost carefully on this program for is some case it may be cheaper to purchase the booth as oppose to renting it.

Leasing your next trade show booth has a major advantage as opposed to purchasing the booth. You do not have to come up with the entire upfront exhibit booth cost. Depending on your lease you will however have to make monthly payment. The tax advantage of this program is great. You are able to write off some or if not all of the cost of the trade show booth. Please speak with your certified tax consultant about this before making this decision. Monthly payments must be made with interest. The booth is your responsibility, all storage and refurbishments will have to be paid by you the exhibitor. Depending on how long your payment terms are you may be ready for a new look with before your payments are up.

There are many choices in cutting your exhibit cost. Clearly one can be renting you next trade show displays. You can now are able to make a clear choice whether to rent, purchase or lease.
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