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Make Money With AdSense - Who Say Novices Can't Make Money Using Adsense

Aug 15, 2008
Using adsense to make money is not only the gurus game. Even the most unlearned beginner can learn how to make money with AdSense if he or she can follow instructions and think imaginatively about the opportunities in the program.

AdSense is a brief box containing an ad that is placed on your blog or web site. The advertisers who pay for the ad can be promoting a web site, service or product, but it must be relevant to the content of the site where the ad is placed. When a visitor to your site clicks on the ad on your web site, you receive revenue from the advertiser. The amount of money that you receive depends on the amount paid by the advertiser. The ads can be text, images or even videos, but the program is effective in selling the product or service and is easy for a beginner using adsense and make money with AdSense.

What is it?

AdSense is an ad server program developed and marketed by Google who is in charge of the policies and practices that relate to the program. The web site owner places the ad on the web site that will redirect the visitor to a link where the product or service can be purchased. Each time there is a click on the AdSense ad, the advertiser pays a small fee and the web site owner receives a portion of the money generated from the pay per click AdSense ad. If you want to make money with AdSense, it's as simple as that.


In order to make money using AdSense, there are a few things you must have. When you apply for the Adsense program, you must submit a URL for the web site you will be using so that it can be checked by one of the Google reviewers. The site should have good content with reviews or articles--generally just one topic. A site should be completed before submitting to AdSense, and should not be just a large billboard for sale to advertisers.

What do I do to get started

When you are ready to make money with AdSense, you should first create a Google account. You can sign up for the account at the Google site. Then, sign up for the AdSense service. Make sure you read and understand the AdSense policies and regulations. Once you have submitted the application, allow time for the reviewers to visit and check out your site and you should be ready to start placing your income producing ads within a few days. The status of your application will be forwarded by email and you are ready to begin designing and placing your AdSense ads.

Simple tips

The ads that allow you to make money with AdSense can be of many different designs, but some common tips relate to all. First, you should be sure that the ads blend with the web site that you have already designed. This includes color, shape, media, and content of the ad. The size and shape of the ad should appear as a natural adjunct to the content of the page on which the ad is placed. In other words, don't use an ad size and location on the page that overpowers all the content. The visitor will be more likely to click on an ad because of the valuable content on the page.

So, even if you are a beginner, you can start making some passive income by using adsense.
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