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Wake up to the Marketing Advantages of Branded Personal Alarms

Aug 15, 2008
Almost everybody needs a personal alarm. It doesn't matter whether you're using your personal alarm to make it to work in the morning or remind you to meet up with a friend, they are used world-wide. Every morning, day, afternoon and evening, millions of people are looking at their personal alarms.

Branded personal alarms will undoubtedly compel millions to wake up to your corporate logo. Customized personal alarms means people all over the world will start a brand new day with your company in mind. And if they feel like hitting snooze for an extra ten minutes of precious sleep, a company logo printed next to the button is always visible.

Just imagine the kind of impact customized personal alarms have. Right before people go to sleep, they will set their alarms and see a corporate logo or slogan printed on their branded personal alarms. They will wake up to the logo or slogan. The subconscious has an alarming way of affecting consumers' brand awareness and promotional personal alarms are the most ideal way of promoting your corporate image. Imagine customers falling asleep and waking up to your logo or slogan - they will dream of your products or services and when at the supermarket, drug store or convenience store, the subconscious effect will compel them to think of your brand.

Customized personal alarms can take many forms. They may simply be corporate personal alarms with a logo on the side, or they could be customized to take the shape of your particular product. A branded personal alarm in the shape of a soda bottle, a banana or a television can have a huge impact on the minds of consumers.

The reason for this is simple psychology. Before someone goes to sleep, usually the last song they heard, or the last television program, will cause them to dream of that song or program. In the morning they may be wondering why they can't get that song they heard last night out of their head. The same psychology can be applied to customized personal alarms, but with a stronger impact.

In most cases, a personal alarm is used to wake an individual up in the morning. The morning signifies the start of a brand new day and a new beginning. With corporate personal alarms, the individual will most likely associate their new beginning with the respective company name. With a sleepy and fuzzy head, not only will they associate the company with a brand new day, but most likely they will be grateful they woke up on time for whatever occasion or event they need to attend. And they will arrive on time because your company woke them up in order to get going and attend that important meeting, or breakfast with family or loved ones.

Effective branding should envelope consumers' lifestyle and a customized, personal alarm clock is one of the most ingenious ways to raise brand awareness. With branded, personal alarm clocks, people go to sleep and wake up to your logo. They will associate it with being alert, being on time and starting a brand new day - characteristics and emotions that all brands and companies should aspire to use in order to connect with their demographic.
About the Author
Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Personal Alarms and other Promotional Products at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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