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Picturesque Marketing in a Promotional Photo Album

Aug 15, 2008
A photo album can be one of a family's most treasured items. To make a bold impression on consumers, a customized phot album is a sure-fire way to promote your services or product.

Whenever a family gathers around to recollect their fondest moments, a personalized photo album will undoubtedly make a strong impact. Essentially branding is a technique which tries to evoke an emotional connection with a company, corporation or instition. Using personalized photo albums to advertise is one of the most valuable ways to unite fond memories with a corporate logo or slogan.

A photo album on the internet is completely depersonalized and cold. Unlike many other media, the traditional photo album stored away on bookshelves in the living room, kitchen or family room is a timeless reminder of the greatest memories with your family or friends.

Now picture this: every time anyone in the family reaches to revive those fond memories they will see a personalized, branded photo album. The emotional connection between the best memories and experiences of someone's life and the company which sponsors those precious moments with branded photo albums is a marketing advantage not to miss out on.

Branded photo albums can take many forms. Your logo or slogan can be printed on the front cover, or even on every single page of the photo album. Regardless of the services or products your company provides, an immediate relationship between loved ones and the corporate logo is reinforced.

Other promotional products are thrown away and forgotten forever. But who would ever throw away customized photo albums? Personalized photo albums are keepsakes which people keep for years, even decades. With branded photo albums, a corporate presence is as permanent as the photographs that evoke such great memories of times past. For decades people will show off their customized photo albums to relatives and visitors, and as they peruse them, they will be constantly exposed to the fact that a particular company has provided a heartwarming showcase of memories.

Moreover, a subconscious connection between the photo album and the company is established because without the branded photo album, an individual would not be able to rejoice in some of the best moments of their lives. Whether people browse through customized photo albums to remember wonderful vacations, weddings, birthdays or gettogethers, these branded photo albums will continually serve to connect the company with the best moments of peoples' lives for years.

Branded photo album are touching pieces of memorabilia. They are also the perfect way to establish long-lasting brand recognition. Even when the photo album is not being opened, a logo or slogon along the spine is exposed to family and guests for years. It is the equivalent of an ad campaign which endures forever, and this is something companies always wish for and never get. Everyday, this constant reminder of the branded photo album will engrain brand recognition and ensure people will always associate the best moments in their lives with your company.

When your company or corporation is associated with warmhearted memories thanks to personalized photo albums, it is a marketing strategy which will never fail.
About the Author
Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Photo Albums and other Promotional Products at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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